A recent study commissioned by the maker of WONDER(R) bread reveals that while everyone is generally paying more attention to food labels, there is still a clear divide in the attitudes of Canadian men and women.

/EINPresswire.com/ Toronto, Ontario — According to a recent Angus Reid survey commissioned by Weston Bakeries Limited, the maker of WONDER(R) bread, more than three quarters (76 per cent) of Canadians always read the labels and ingredient lists on foods, but that number is not consistent across gender lines. Canadian women clearly lead the trend in increased interest in food labels, with 80 per cent saying they always read food labels, compared with only 71 per cent of men.

It’s no secret that women don’t always see eye to eye with the opposite sex, and for Canadians food ingredients and labels are no exceptions – even when it comes to nutritional bread products.

“I’m really seeing an increased interest from my clients in learning to properly read food labels, and women are definitely leading the pack,” said Lynn Weaver, registered dietitian and nutrition expert. “It’s important that we make informed decisions about our food, and it’s really nice to see products like WONDER(R) bread moving to more simplified ingredients that are free of artificial preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours.”

The importance that Canadians place on food labels is reinforced by the fact that we’re not just reading them, but actively using them to make healthy food purchases. Nearly seven out of 10 of survey respondents (69 per cent) choose products based on their labels. But again, there is a gender divide, with 73 per cent of women saying they choose products based on their labels versus 64 per cent of men.

While men and women will always be different, at least simplified food ingredients and labels are making it easier for Canadians to make informed food choices.

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