/EINPresswire.com/ Wireless printing among latest design features in update for Credit Card Machine Smartphone application.

Paynet Systems, Inc., a credit card processing solutions company, has released a new update for its Smartphone application Credit Card Machine to help small businesses.

One of the most notable new features on the credit card processing app is wireless printing, which allows the user to print receipts and other important information on the spot. Credit Card Machine users can now send anything to a compatible HP printer, which is ideal for all types of mobile merchants, from auto detailers to craft show participants to landscaping professionals who want to offer receipts and credit card approval information to their customers.

Rather than the merchant calling back to the home office with credit card information and waiting for someone to process it and call back with approval, the Credit Card Machine app allows the entire process to be done on a mobile device in the presence of the customer and offer a receipt. This also eliminates the credit card company fees associated with the call-in process.

“This will help businesses to increase their sales while providing them with mobility,” said Jack Chevalier, president of Paynet Systems, Inc. “Small businesses were paying thousands of dollars for wireless credit card machines. Now they have the same features for free with our apps.”

The Credit Card Machine app has been available since January of 2010. It is updated periodically to allow users access to the latest in cutting-edge technology. It can be found on Smartphone application websites for Blackberry, Android, Windows and iPhone.

About Paynet Systems, Inc.: Paynet Systems, Inc. (http://paynetsystems.com/) is based in Alpharetta, Ga. The company provides merchant credit card processing solutions for businesses through wireless credit card machine services, web-based virtual credit card processing portals and mobile phone credit card machine apps. Paynet Systems’ app Credit Card Machine consistently ranks in the Top 100 business applications. The app’s reviews are constantly in the 4-star and 5-star rating range and are available for most Smartphones, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android credit card processing.

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