/EINPresswire.com/ With a new site geared toward those well versed in the philosophy of feng shui to others who simply wish to bring some peace and well wishes to their home or office with a feng shui Buddha, My Place For Serenity now offers their garden Buddha statues and other items to a wider audience.

My Place For Serenity has opened its doors online to offer their unique and whimsical garden Buddha statues, feng shui Buddhas, yoga items and more to a wider audience. The site caters to all types of customers, from those who simply appreciate the sentiment of the Buddhist philosophy and want to incorporate a single statue into their home or office as well as those on the other end of the spectrum who have used feng shui in the entire design of their space.

“Our goal is to make feng shui and yoga products more accessible to everyone. We believe in the positive energy that circulates among all living things, so we help customers shop for laughing Buddha statues for their home or garden Buddha statues for the outdoors to help them capture this philosophy,” summarizes Linda Montour, with My Place For Serenity.

Furthermore, My Place For Serenity follows one basic guiding principle when it comes to customer service: treat others as you wish to be treated. They adhere to being honest and sincere in all their transactions, which perfectly aligns itself with the products they carry and the meaning behind them.

“We are all connected,” adds Montour.

They also remind customers to have fun with the items they carry and to be patient with incorporating elements of feng shui. For instance, finding just one feng shui Buddha statue and placing it in the appropriate place in the space to bring wealth, prosperity and happiness may be a good way to start, rather than studying all the factors that come into play in an attempt to completely feng shui the room.

“Certainly some elements and practices are easier to apply than others. We carry items for the experienced customer, as well as the novice. There is something for everyone here. Our goal is to help people channel positive energies into their homes and places of work; stress has no place here,” says Montour.

To view the collection of garden Buddha statues, feng shui Buddha statues, yoga items and more, visit http://myplaceforserenity.com/.

About My Place For Serenity:

My Place For Serenity is the premier online retailer of garden Buddha statues, fend shui Buddha statues, and the whimsical laughing Buddha statue, as well as a host of other feng shui and yoga items. They aspire to offer products for a wide spectrum of customers and deliver these products with a customer service philosophy aligned with principles of honesty and integrity.

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