/EINPresswire.com/ The feature film “The Guitar Player” is donating one thousand tarps to the Los Angeles homeless this Thanksgiving. The tarps will be given out along with the celebrity food drive.

It only seems fitting that a film about a homeless man who sometimes sleeps under tarps will be benefiting the homeless. ‘The Guitar Player’, is a dramatic feature film about a homeless street performer, who gets a second chance but struggles with his painful past. There is only one problem with the film, it has not been made yet. The writer and director of the film to be, Michael Stein has come up with a unique way in trying to get the film made. He has been donating tarps across the county to homeless shelters in order to bring more awareness of his project to investors and film companies.

The tarps are an essential item for homeless people living in cold climate areas that are in danger of hypothermia. Stein’s next tarp drive will be in Los Angeles the day before Thanksgiving. The event is also in conjunction with a celebrity food drive.

Stein stated, “The tarp drives are a great way to get kill two birds with one stone. It helps bring awareness to our film due to the news coverage and even if we do not get a film deal, we are still able to help people in need so we can not lose.”

The tarps company supplying the poly tarps and canvas tarps, Tarps Plus has held the tarps drive at the LA Mission for several years and plans on teaming up with other companies that wish to donate their products.

For more information about the film, “The Guitar Player”, go to: www.theguitarplayermovie.com

For more information on how to team up with Tarps Plus and the nation wide tarp drive, go to: www.tarpsplus.com

About Tarps Plus:
Tarps Plus specializes in poly tarps, canvas tarps and heavy duty tarps for the military and the general public. The company is a world leader in aiding with disaster relief.

Tarps Plus

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