/EINPresswire.com/One New Yorker is fighting bed bugs by setting up hotels for the said pests. The hotels serve as warning to people from getting into buildings infested by bed bugs.

New York is one of the places heavily infested by bed bugs. There are reports of the pests infesting the city’s residential areas, hospitals, hotels and even universities. To address the problem, one Big Apple resident is using street art to fight the critters.

Hunter Fine is that Big Apple resident. He is setting up ‘bed bug hotels’ to fight bed bugs head on. The ‘hotels’ are set up outside of the buildings reported to have been infested by the pests. And though his project is fairly new, it’s drawing huge attention from both New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers alike. That’s all thanks to the people passing around his pictured ‘bed bug hotels’ in social media sites.

Fine’s project started after one of his friends suffered from bed bug infestation. The ‘bed bug hotels’ are his version of a bed bug treatment. With them, he hopes to spread awareness about bed bugs. They are also his way of warning people from getting into buildings infested by the small but harmful blood-sucking pests.

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The Big Apple is one of the major cities known to be heavily infested by bed bugs. They choose no place to infest taking over the city’s residential areas, hotels, retail stores, offices and schools. And to help spread awareness about their infestation, one citizen is starting a chain of hotels for the small and harmful creatures.

Using his street art, Hunter Fine is fighting bed bugs head on. He sets up a “bed bug hotel” outside buildings and establishments reported infested by the critters. According to him, it’s his own way of warning people from getting into the buildings with the said pests.

This project of Fine has just recently started. Nonetheless, social media is spreading his idea of fighting the pests fast. And though what he does doesn’t directly kill bed bugs, it saves you and others from becoming the next bed bug victim.

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It’s fairly well known that New York has been invaded by bed bugs for some time now. The nearly microscopic blood-suckers have descended upon the city, the situation heightening to an epidemic status. The bugs have overtaken retail stores, hotels and apartments, and the poor victims of the infestations often don’t have a clue of the problem until it’s too late. One upstanding citizen is addressing the problem head-on with his biting street art.

Hunter Fine, who previously worked with Jeff Greenspan on the project “Hipster Traps,” is going solo to raise awareness about the critters by setting up ‘Bed Bug Hotels’ outside buildings reported to have infestations. The idea for the project arose after one of Fine’s friends suffered an infestation and had to dispose of all belongings. Fine explains, “I was telling them, there should be a way to warn people from moving into buildings with bed bugs.” He called up his production designer— Fine works in the advertising industry— and the two set up a Tumblr to show their project to the world.

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