Doctor’s office wait times make some patients wonder if it’s better not to go to the doctor at all. Schedule delays for doctors are often unavoidable, due to emergencies and sometimes patients themselves. WaitChecker, a new online service now helps busy patients spend less time waiting by letting them know of delays before they leave to see the doctor.

/ Chicago – A trip to the doctor’s office is seldom the highlight of anyone’s day, but it can be downright aggravating when a scheduled half-hour appointment takes up half the morning before getting to see the doctor.

As waiting room time drags on, mothers with sick children, stressed-out business professionals and people suffering from chronic illnesses are subject to increased discomfort in what, for most, is already a stressful situation.

Now, WaitChecker addresses that problem head-on. The free online service available to any patient in the United States helps reduce doctor’s office waiting time by letting patients know if their doctor is running late before they leave for their scheduled appointments.

Patients need only go to the website, enter the name and location of the doctor they are scheduled to see, and then provide their own contact information. WaitChecker will determine if the doctor is on schedule or delayed and relay that information to the patient by email or text message in advance of the appointment.

Patients love the convenience WaitChecker affords. Jamie Gaines, a 29-year-old Chicago resident who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 13, visits the doctor several times each month. “Almost always I find myself waiting 30 to 45 minutes for the doctor,” Gaines said. “That gets really difficult to handle with a full-time job and a family.”

Recently, Gaines gave WaitChecker a try. “It was very helpful,” she said. “I learned the doctor was running 25 minutes behind. I knew exactly what to expect, so I was able to arrange for my husband pick up our son from daycare.”

WaitChecker is the brainchild of Chicago-area entrepreneurs, Saqib Akhter and Manish Mehta, who have been frustrated by doctor’s office delays. “Doctors do their best to run on time, but healthcare is unpredictable, patients just want to be informed when it happens,” says Saqib Akhter, co-founder of WaitChecker. “Not knowing how long you’ll have to wait causes anxiety, wastes time, and discourages people from going to the doctor. Waitchecker is helping solve that problem.”

About WaitChecker
Established in 2011, Chicago-based WaitChecker relays doctor appointment wait time information to patients via a web-based communication tool. The company’s mission is to increase patient satisfaction and alleviate the stress of not knowing wait times for doctors’ appointments. A free service to patients anywhere in the United States, WaitChecker users simply go to prior to any doctor’s office appointment; they’ll receive a text message alerting them to any delays.

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