When Wrinkle Reduction is Said to Appear Within Minutes, There’s No Room for False Promises

/EINPresswire.com/A key problem with many beauty products on the market is that they do not deliver what they promise. This reality often goes unnoticed or unproven since the time frame that these products require to show results is long; at week eight, who can remember what the mirror showed at week one? Instanté, by contrast, works virtually – as the name implies – instantly. Any dishonest claim would be quickly identified. Thus, Instanté’s claims can be relied on – and shortly after, experienced. What results can be expected after applying Instanté? Independent Lab clinical studies by AMA Laboratories prove wrinkle reduction up to 55% and increased hydration up to 120% within minutes.

Instanté works by filling worn, wrinkled skin with a smooth film. This film plumps skin, making the surface appear even and soft. Compounded by the increased hydration, a youthful, radiant look is restored to the skin, appearance of wrinkles is reduced.

To use Instanté, take a small amount of product and gently tap it into the desired areas, continuing to tap until the product is fully absorbed. Visible results will shortly follow. If desired, makeup can be applied afterward as usual. Instanté is dermatologist approved and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

A single bottle of Instanté is $99.99, while two bottles are $129.99, plus FREE SHIPPING. To purchase or learn more about Instanté, visit www.beautedeparis.fr. Ordering can also be done through this toll-free number: 1(888) 566-5642.

About Beauté de Paris
Beauté de Paris is a French beauty products company that caters to both men and women. It currently offers products that reduce wrinkles, stimulate eyelash growth, promote thicker eyebrows, improve skin brightening and diminish eye bags and dark circles. Beauté de Paris products are manufactured with great precision and are tested by independent laboratories. Visit their website at www.beautedeparis.fr?s=pr.

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