/EINPresswire.com/We at the 4th R Foundation Have Figured Out the Relationship Between Brain and Mind; Knowledge We Need to Replace Ignorance With Wisdom to Make Our Lives Sublime.

Many of the this-worldly realities we treat as other-worldly are only due to our ignorance of the true nature of our brains and minds. The limits of our understanding about the next world is mixed up with our limited understanding of this world. Please take a closer look at our 4th R Foundation’s wisdom/emotional intelligence proposals.

In Pursuit Of the Sublime – Andrew Stark in the Wall Street Journal

“/At any given moment, there is a far outer limit to what human beings can perceive and express. Think of Keats trying to convey the sense of unheard melodies. Or scores of mathematicians, over centuries, glimpsing but failing to find the proof for Fermat’s Last Theorem. Or any of us getting a glimmer of the vastness of the universe in the night sky but never even approaching a full comprehension of it. There is a name for the combined pleasure and pain we experience in such moments of extremity. It is called “the sublime.”/” – Beyond the Finite Edited by Roald Hoffmann and Iain Boyd Whyte

How we express/behave is determined by how we perceive. The very nature of our perception is determined by our beliefs about the very nature of the very tools at our disposal that shape our perceptions and thus behavior. Our tools for perception are our brains and minds.

It is the very complexity of nature and it’s reality that we have such a confusing understanding on our hands. The mess is compounded by our misunderstanding of the tools – our brain and mind; through which we have to perceive nature’s handiwork. There is so much confusion about brain and mind, what they are, what is their relationship with each other, how they interact, what impact they have on our own self, our perceptions and understandings of life. The very nature of the nature of individual and collective brain and mind determines our perceptions about life and everything else in it. It colors our understanding of good and evil, moral values, human nature, self and others… We assign good and evil as independent entities which we wrongly believeare other-worldly forces that we have to manage and control and live with.

Much that should be common place and normal is considered sublime only because of our ignorance.
Having a clear understanding of the brain and mind will answer many of the questions of philosophy and clear up much of the ignorance that keeps us away from a sublime life. Much that is considered sublime and out of reach today can become common place and normal everyday life.

Let’s consider the answers we seek regarding good and evil.

Good is real and evil is real. It is not imposed from above and is not even cast in stone in our genes. Good and evil are properties of the human self which in the majority of cases is the self-image. Good and evil are innate properties of the self-image. Good is expressed through the emotionally intelligent super mature behavior of the human brain/mind/pure-self. Evil is expressed through the emotionally challenged premature/immature/mature behavior of the self-image.

We at the 4th R Foundation have found the real source of good and evil in the world. It is the developed level of the emotional intelligence/wisdom/ignorance that generates the good and evil in man. Those who get a wisdom nurturing upbringing turn out as good and those who get an unhealthy upbringing turn out from less than good to pure evil. Of course even the health of the genes matter but in the majority of cases it is the quality of the upbringing that determines whether the brain will generate emotionally challenged behavior or super mature behavior or the more frequent mixture of the two.

Again by clearly defining the brain and mind we can scientifically answer the question of how to explain and standardize moral values. It is very simple; we can base our moral values on the quality of the character traits of the super mature brain/mind/self/self-image. Do good because it is the super mature/wise behavior. Do not commit evil because it is the premature (one peg below even immature)/ignorant behavior.

Evil is real and it is ignorance and it occurs due to the brain being ‘on ignorance’. Thus evil is this-worldly. Good is real and is powered by knowledge/wisdom/super-mature-emotional intelligence; thus good too is this-worldly. In order to create good we have to start with the objective of ensuring all brains/minds to run on wisdom/super-mature-emotional-intelligence. With nurturing wisdom from at least birth onward to retooling the older brains/minds we can replace emotionally challenged behavior with super mature behavior thus removing the fundamental causes of evil. Thus making the world mostly free of evil/ignorance and making it good/wise.
All this has huge implications in all the mind sciences from and including education to how we live our lives including how we decide to choose and vote for our leaders.

Again knowing the brain mind relationship we can make reading body language a science. It is the brain that acts first and lets the mind manage the damage of clearing up the mess. It is the mind that feels guilty and at the same time tries to hide this guilt. The brain is like the small child that is being scolded by the mind/manager. The brain feels it wants what it wants like an addiction. The brain produces the emotionally challenged behavior and when confronted by the mind it acts as if it does not know what the mind is talking about. All this thinking activity of the brain takes place biochemically and all biochemical reactions have a physical impact on the body. When the brain is being scolded by the mind the brain wants to escape and this feeling of escape is physically reflected in the eyes. The eyes seem distant.

Let’s take the case of Herman Cain. In his case one can clearly see from the distant look in his eyes that his brain wants to escape the scolding of his own mind! He is guilty! His mind is definitively trying to cover up the emotionally challenged behavior of his brain. He is guilty of a bigger moral crime of knowingly lying.

This face/body language reading is just one of the practical applications of my US patented hypothesis!
We can and will have to bring body language reading to the level of pure science. This will help us in all kinds of relationships, education, making society wise, making sublime normal and even determining the quality of the wisdom level of the presidential candidates…

“/But, as Burke himself argued, the concept applies equally to the depths, to the limits of our understanding about the next world and our confrontation with evil in this one. / ” – Andrew Stark

Many of the this-worldly realities we treat as other-worldly only due to our ignorance of the true nature of our brains and minds. The limits of our understanding about the next world is mixed up with our limited and ignorant understanding of this world. It is about time the world took a good look at our 4th R Foundation’s wisdom/emotional intelligence proposals.

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