/EINPresswire.com/ November 6th, 2011 — The Chauvet Cave in France’s Ardeche Valley has a 35,000 year old mural which clearly shows animals parading from an Ark-like hatch. The ‘unnatural’ procession of carnivores and herbivores all seem mesmerized, possibly occupied with their preassigned task to repopulate the earth. Tangent art has butterflies and insects, representing the balance of fauna life (Genesis 8:19). Magical Chauvet overlooks the Pont d’Arc (Rainbow Bridge), the tallest natural bridge in Europe. God indeed pledged a ‘Rainbow Covenant’ to Noah in Genesis 9:13- never again to flood the earth. Enjoy the rainbow bridge; sacrificial altar; and ‘Off the Ark’ mural art of the End Chamber at this hyperlink below!


The details of this stunning Aurignacian art- discovered in 1994, can be tied to Scripture written about 30,000 years later…
The animals are shown exiting from a ‘pitch black’ slightly angled opening in the Ark’s side. Noah’s Ark was built of gopherwood and sealed inside and out with black pitch (Genesis 6:11 & 6:16). Earlier scientists called this a ‘hunting scene’- not really possible because on this ‘Off the Ark’ mural we see a ‘herbivore’ wooly rhinoceros following the lions. All getting along quite divinely….
Initially scientists could not explain this incredible mural, so they isolated three major themes found on the West Wall of this End Chamber into ‘Panel of the Rhinoceros’; ‘Niche of the Horse’; and ‘Panel of the Lions (Felines)’. The centerpiece of this entire ‘Off the Ark’ mural is the honored ‘Horse of the Niche’ – revered in a chapel-like enclosure for good reason. A known symbol of peace and the Creator’s Holy Spirit, the shape of the Angelic Horse in the background was first made by scraping the white limestone cave wall. The intentional overlapping art of the Horse in the foreground has a neatly drawn umbilical cord emphasize the Creator’s Spirit of Life being ‘heart pumped’ back into the earth. There are many names for the cord in different religions- Bible (Ecclesiastics 12:6) names it “Silver Chord”. The receiving red ochre below symbolizes red blood and the seat of life on earth (Genesis 9:4). Notice the chapel-like niche which lodges the Horse anatomically resembles a heart! The heart is known universally as the residence for love and Spirit. “Tablet of the Heart” (Proverbs 3:3, 7:3). Look below at the two links for the ‘Angel Horse’ and ‘Niche of the Horse’ from the French official Chauvet website and ‘Horse of the Central Recess’ for a close up of that umbilical cord (Bradshaw foundation).

Noah and his family may have used this Chauvet Cave as the first Temple, but did not live in the Cave. Bible (Genesis 8:20) tells us Noah built an altar for sacrifices to the Lord. Chauvet’s altar has a variety of animal bones, including two horse skeletons, but no human bones. Far from Mt. Ararat?
We know Noah lived 350 years after the flood and as a man of the soil, planted a vineyard (Genesis 9:20). Today, we still see a beautiful French vineyard outside the cave.
This world treasure at Chauvet also has the first story of creation and is possibly the ancient point of origin for lore, scripture and religion. Many other concepts of religious symbolism are displayed at Chauvet including:
Angelic Horses Known Conductor of Souls, Bible- Elijah (2Kings 2:11) and the Lord (Revelation 19:11+).
Wooly Rhinoceros (The first Unicorn) The symbol of eternal salvation, pointing the ‘way’ to Heaven. Also found 15,000 years later at Lascaux Cave (discovered in 1940).
Centaur Symbolic of the metaphysical unification of a body’s soul and spirit in all religions.
Butterflies The symbol of metamorphosis and transfiguration.
Wooly Mammouth/White Elephant The Universal Monarch of Life in Oriental Religions.
Pig/Boar It has dual symbolism as both the Devil/sloth of the earth and luck, prosperity, fertility.
The French Government limited cave access to a small number of scientists and Werner Herzog’s film crew for “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.” Sir Knight Daryl Breese and French Canadian ‘Doctor of Dreams’ Gerald D’Aoust- are published metaphysical and scripture scholars and now first to identify this Shamanic/religious art.
[email protected] Sir Knight Daryl Breese
[email protected] Gerald D’Aoust
Co-authors of “God’s steed- Key to World Peace”