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The first few days of dieting are simple enough, with lots of motivation to go around. But as time passes and willpower wanes, every day feels like an upward climb. Food’s constant presence makes the opportunities for failure relentless. Many do, indeed, fail, transforming their dieting attempts into something more like “damage control” – messed up again, better cut out a meal/binge exercise/go on a cleanse. These last-ditch attempts at weight loss are far from effective, making the metabolism go haywire and getting morale way down. What’s needed is a way to act before the eating, not only after, a way to gear up dieting efforts before the chance to eat presents itself. That’s what Curb N Burn does, cutting appetite and curbing cravings so that food loses its magnetic appeal. Then, making healthful choices becomes easy, and a positive pattern emerges that inevitably leads to weight loss.

The active ingredient in Curb N Burn responsible for cutting appetite is Hoodia Gordonii, a cactus-like plant that grows in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola. San Bushman native to these areas are said to have eaten the stem of this plant to curb their appetite and thirsts during long hunting trips.

A steroidal glycoside named “p57” is thought to be Hoodia’s appetite-controlling element. In simple terms, Hoodia successfully dupes the body’s hunger signals, triggering a feeling of fullness without food and drink, inevitably leading to less calorie consumption and the sought-after weight loss.

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