/EINPresswire.com/ Winter Glow Replaces Frigid Pallor with Beauté de Paris’ Lébrillénc

Winter can conjure up images of pale, wan, drawn faces, or it can conjure up images of fair skin, rosy cheeks and a brisk-air glow. Both of these pictures are undeniably found in the frigid months; fortunately though, there is something that can be done to ensure inclusion in the latter group. Lébrillénc, one of Beauté de Paris’ newer additions, is a skin brightener that evens, brightens and lightens skin tone, replacing a dull and blotchy complexion with one that truly glows.

Lébrillénc has been tested by independent AMA laboratories and has demonstrated the following results: a 55.6% increase in skin brightness and 77% reduction in age spots within eight weeks. Blemishes and irritations are faded and a flawless, luminous appearance emerges in their place. Lébrillénc uses natural alpha-hydroxy acids to smooth and exfoliate the skin. This exfoliation, however, is very gentle, and Lébrillénc will not irritate the skin of sensitive individuals.

To achieve maximum results, Lébrillénc should be applied both morning and evening. First, cleanse the face, then pat dry, and then gently massage the Lébrillénc serum into the face until completely absorbed. Makeup can be applied afterwards as usual.

For more information on Lébrillénc and to view purchase options, visit www.beautedeparis.fr. Ordering can also be done through this toll-free number: 1(888) 566-5642. A single bottle is $99.99.Two bottles are $129.99, plus FREE shipping.

About Beaute de Paris
Beauté de Paris is a French beauty products company that caters to both men and women. It currently offers products that reduce wrinkles, stimulate eyelash growth, promote thicker eyebrows, improve skin brightening, fade varicose veins and diminish eye bags and dark circles. Beauté de Paris products are manufactured with great precision and are tested by independent laboratories. Visit their website at www.beautedeparis.fr.

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