/EINPresswire.com/ To coincide with National Recycling Week 7-13th November 2011, Veolia Environmental Services Australia (Veolia) has today launched Recycling Rulz, an online educational and interactive mini-site for schools, households and small businesses.

Recycling Rulz will feature a raft of interactive and downloadable materials such as games, activities, stickers, posters, DVD files, as well as a competition to identify Australia’s most inventive and active recyclers.

Founded 16 years ago by Planet Ark, National Recycling Week aims to get Australians focused on recycling. The event further reiterates the importance of minimising waste within homes and businesses. With Australia’s waste generation increasing at around 4.5% each year^, and the impending introduction of the Federal Governments’ Carbon Price Mechanism, there is an increased need to look at ways to reduce waste-related environmental impacts.

Veolia’s General Manager for Marketing, Business Development and Sustainability, Mr Tony Cade, is encouraging all to get involved during National Recycling Week, “As a leader in providing innovative environmental solutions, Veolia is committed to providing community education that is practical and effective. As such, Veolia is always looking for new ways to support Australian households and businesses in how they manage their waste and recycling. National Recycling Week therefore provides the perfect avenue to launch our Recycling Rulz educational site. There are many ways in which all Australians can make a difference and minimise waste-related environmental impacts, and we encourage everyone to get involved in this exciting event.”

About Veolia Environmental Services: Veolia Environmental Services is Australia’s environmental services leader in all facets of waste management, e-waste, residential recycling and business recycling and industrial services. Veolia has over 40 years industry experience in implementing effective, innovative and sustainable waste management solutions. Veolia operates from over 100 locations across Australia, servicing over 60,000 customers and employing more than 3000 dynamic and skilled staff.

^ Australian Federal Government’s National Waste Report for 2010.

Renee Fry
Marketing & Communications Manager – Veolia Environmental Services, Australia & New Zealand
+61 2 8571 0109

PR Courtesy of Online PR Media: http://bit.ly/vkz9wN