/EINPresswire.com/ Lab88’s Diet Pill Cuts Appetite and Cravings to Make Social Eating Experiences Less Intimidating

When dieting, holidays and get-togethers are bittersweet: sweet because of the social aspect, bitter because of the eating potential. The prospective mounds of food instill anxiety and apprehension. The feeling that bingeing is inevitable is hard to shake. With one small dietary adjustment, this need not be the case. Incorporating Lab88’s Curb N Burn into an otherwise balanced diet helps shed those pounds effectively by not only burning calories, but by curbing appetite even before those calories are consumed. Before an impending gathering, simply pop a Curb N Burn, and watch the cravings – and apprehension – disappear.

Curb N Burn employs several active ingredients to achieve its multi-pronged approach towards weight loss. To diminish appetite and cut cravings, Hoodia Gordonii is added to the mix. To burn excess calories and bump up fat burn is Chromium Polynicotinate, which purportedly helps metabolize fat and carbohydrates more efficiently. Astraqlas root joins the blend, assisting in strengthening and regulating the metabolism. To see the full list of ingredients, visit Curb N Burn’s webpage www.curbnburn.com/?s=pr

A bottle of Curb N Burn is $39.99. Order two bottles for $79.99 and receive one FREE. A recurrent billing plan option is also available for $34.99 per bottle. For more details and to make a purchase, visit www.curbnburn.com/?s=pr.

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Whether it’s to get a better night’s rest, lose weight, increase energy or rectify sexual impotence, detoxify the liver, kidney or colon, or deal with any of a half-a-dozen other quality-of-life issues, Lab88 betters the life of its patients and consumers each and every day. Visit their website at www.lab88.com.

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