/EINPresswire.com/ Air swimmers got the hottest toys title for 2011. FlyingFishies.com shows kids and adults alike love them.

Christmas is the toy season for children. And topping this year’s list of hottest toys for kids are the air swimmers. But what makes them the highest-ranking among others, MyKeepon included, many are asking.

Basically, air swimmers are remote-controlled toys. They are flyers filled with helium. Though they look like a balloon, they are way cooler as they can be maneuvered. And because they are of no harmful elements and can either be a shark or a clown fish, they can safely make an aquarium out of any room.

Flying Fishies, creator of flying fishes, said that air swimmers are fresh and unique. And those are what primarily make them an attention grabber. And because there is none like them, everybody wants to have them.

Below is part of a news from FlyingFishies.com as to why Air Swimmers are the Hottest Toys This Year.


There are now thousands of toys available. You can purchase just any one of them and give it to your kid. But wouldn’t you want to purchase the best for your child this Christmas? Surely, you want that, right? Well, to do so, you first will have to know which, between flying fishies and mykeepon, is the hottest toy this season.

Let us help you make an accurate assessment.

Flying fishies are basically air swimmers. They are remote-controlled gadgets that are easy to maneuver. There are two flying fishies that you can purchase – one is a shark and the other is a clown fish. Though different in appearance, both flyers are exciting and fun.

On the other hand, mykeepon is a robot pet. It is an interactive robotic toy that reacts to touches, dances to music, shows curiosity and craves attention.

Both flying fishies and mykeepon are on the many different lists of most popular gadgets. However, flying fishies often ranks higher than mykeepon. Probably, it’s because the air swimmers are a unique and exciting gadget to play with.

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It’s early November, which is practically last minute if you’re a parent hoping to track down one or more of the holiday season’s most popular toys. To help, Toys”R”Us just released its Fabulous 15, a list of this year’s most prized kiddie goodies. Let’s take a look at the ads for the most coveted of the coveted, also known as the quickest ways to reach “cool parent” status:

Air Swimmers

Air Swimmers are remote controlled, helium-filled flying balloons that come in two models: shark and clown fish. They look awesome, especially when they were flying around the Toys”R”Us that I went into the other day. However, this poorly shot video is its actual marketing video. It takes center stage on the website (tagline: “Air Swimmers swim through the air!”). I thought it was a fan-created spot that some Air Swimmers enthusiast had uploaded to YouTube—unnecessarily epic music and all. I was wrong.

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Toys make the best gifts for kids. Many are asking though – what is the best toy to give? According to surveys, air swimmers or flying fishies are the hottest toys this season.

Flying fishies are unique toys. They give kids a new way to enjoy indoors. In addition, they are easy to maneuver and are safe. For all that, flying fishies deserve to rank the highest in the list of the hottest toys of 2011.

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Flying Fishies is the creator of the hottest toys called Flying Fishies. The toys are remote-controlled flyers that offer kids and parents a fun and safe way to enjoy indoors.

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