/EINPresswire.com/ Organizations like FairPlay USA have strengthened the movement to pressurize the US government to legalize online gambling. PlayPokerOnline.com explains this movement.

Now that the call for compelling the US government to legalize online poker is gradually gaining strength, there is a need for everyone who loves to play online poker to give strength to the movement. Already, there are organizations like FairPlay USA, which has set up a strong base in Washington DC and aims to pressurize the Congress to pass a bill that would legalize online poker. PlayPokerOnline.com reveals how the efforts to legalize online poker in the US can be supported.

FairPlay USA has been formed by a group of consumer protection experts, lawmakers, professional poker players and online gambling companies. The organization aims to create awareness among the public and policymakers about the shortcomings of the US legislation regarding online poker and suggestions on how the situation can be made better. The organization believes that state-of-the-art technology with strict regulatory policies will not only make it safer to play poker online, it will also create thousands of jobs for America, where unemployment is now rampant.

To add momentum to FairPlay USA’s initiative, it needs the strength and support of the millions of players in America who love to play poker online for money on the web. For this reason, the organization has launched its own website with an online petition that everyone can sign so that the Congress is made aware of the many voices that demand the legalization of poker in the US. Anyone who wants to participate in this movement can go to the FairPlay USA website and sign the online petition. Each signature is important and gives strength to the movement. More information about FairPlay USA can be found at this PlayPokerOnline.com press release.

The organization has also published 10 principles on how to play poker legally on the web. Some of the principles include the need to strengthen the UIGEA to eliminate illegal online gambling and providing sophisticated tools to effectively tackle problem gambling through measures like deposit limits and wager limits. The principles also call for allowing states to capture the required revenue from licensed poker networks and choose whether or not to allow online gambling in their jurisdictions.

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