/EINPresswire.com/ Rebecca Bomann, Founder and CEO of The SASH Program, Recently Announced the Launch of The SASH Program SeniorTube, a YouTube Video Channel with Content Designed to Give Seniors and their Families Valuable Tips and Practical Advice for some of the Significant Decisions Surrounding Aging:

Rebecca Bomann, Founder and CEO of The SASH Program, recently announced the launch of The SASH Program SeniorTube, a YouTube video channel with content designed to give seniors and their families valuable tips and practical advice for some of the significant decisions surrounding aging.

As increasingly more seniors and their families turn to the Internet for resources, The SASH Program is building a free video library with topics that directly address the issues they are facing. On SeniorTube, SASH has partnered with other elder care professionals, to present this often complicated information in a conversational, easy-to-understand manner.

Ms. Bomann, who has a background in social work, founded The SASH Program in 2005 after helping her own Grandfather sell his home. Rebecca thought there should be a less stressful and easier way for seniors to sell their homes, and so she started SASH.

The SASH Program purchases seniors’ homes in a private and custom-designed home sale, allowing them to bypass the stress, unknowns, and work of a conventional market sale.

Each senior client of SASH is treated with integrity, respect, and dignity as evidenced by the abundance of SASH Testimonials from former clients and their families, as well as an A+ Rating from the BBB. The SASH Program SeniorTube channel is yet another way for SASH to share their resources and experience with seniors and their family members who may be facing a difficult situation.

On noting the launch of The SASH Program SeniorTube, Rebecca Bomann said, “When I was my Grandfather’s caregiver over a decade ago, I remember needing resources and advice regularly to know how to provide the best care for him. For this reason, I’m very pleased to extend this kind of free, user-friendly support to families who are now in that position of caregiver.”

Frequently, families who are facing significant decisions and steep learning curves in caring for their aging loved ones, contact SASH. For years, SASH has been helping seniors and their families navigate through these steps, providing advice and resources. Now, the information available on The SASH Program SeniorTube channel can be accessed 24 hours a day, and viewers have the ability to forward the videos to others who may benefit from these tips and resources.

Ms. Bomann went on to say, “SASH’s legacy is service first, and we created SeniorTube with the same idea in mind. Viewers will not find any sales pitches on SeniorTube, but simply valuable information, presented in a friendly and understandable manner. We’re looking forward to adding many more SeniorTube videos in the future, and to continue serving seniors and their families through their transitions.”

Elder Law attorney Tracie Wall was featured in The SASH Program SeniorTube videos ‘What is an Elder Attorney?’, and ‘What is Power of Attorney?’ Ms. Wall has been practicing law for over 10 years, with a focus on Estate and Elder Planning. Regarding the launch of The SASH Program SeniorTube channel, Ms. Wall said, “The SASH staff made it easy and fun to get out this vitally important information to seniors and their families. I would not hesitate to recommend this experience to other elder care professionals.”

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Since this innovative service was launched in 2005, The SASH Program has become a leader in the local elder care community. SASH’s standards in senior care have earned the company an A+ Rating with the BBB, and an outstanding customer satisfaction record. Seniors and their families interested in learning more about The SASH Programs’ private, custom-designed senior home sale service can call 888-400-SASH, or visit www.sashprogram.com for more information.

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