Not All Lethargy is Related to Cold Weather; Co-Clean Helps Discern and Treat

/ time of year leaves many people feeling sluggish and out-of-sorts, and while this lethargy is often attributed to the winter, the season isn’t always the culprit. It’s true that winter often promotes hibernating behaviors, or, perhaps more seriously, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and these are both legitimate causes for an increased desire to do nothing more than sit by the hearth, wrapped in a warm blanket. But such sleepiness can also be an indication of toxin overload. After exposing the body to environmental contaminants for days, months, years, the bodily pollution begins to take its toll – often in the energy realm. Lab88’s Co-Clean assists the body in detoxifying, purging pollutants from the body and raising energy levels.

Co-Clean colon cleanser works by creating the proper conditions for your body to function optimally. It uses a potent combination of roots and extracts to help restore the body to equilibrium and enable it to execute its natural cleansing process. The first few days following use of Co-Clean may cause feelings of nausea, headaches and even increased fatigue, but this is merely the body’s response to the toxin elimination. After this initial stage, the user feels a significantly enhanced sense of well-being – and soaring energy levels.

To purchase Co-Clean or learn more about its ingredients, usage and effectiveness, visit . A one-month supply of Co-Clean (one bottle) is $49.99. View more details of multiple bottle discounts on their website.

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