/EINPresswire.com/Phoenix, AZ – November 14, 2011 — American movie goers and travelers should be disgusted by what is found on the public seats their families temporarily occupy.

Good Morning America and CNN recently investigated the cleanliness of public seating and found numerous contaminates. AMC theaters in NY were temporarily shut down due to the infestation of bed bugs, according to Screen Rant. This brings up the question of how many other theaters across the globe are contaminated, including airline seats, airport seats, buses, trains, etc. Theater seats are usually only cleaned and sanitized when they are installed. Meanwhile, year after year, moviegoers and airline customers sit in those seats, resting their heads on the headrest that thousands if not millions of strangers have rested upon as well.

Kate Wagner, owner of ChairBibz LLC, recently attended a cirque du soleil performance in Las Vegas. She observed the audience peering at the performers high above their heads, and noticed most if not all of the audience were resting their heads against the headrest of the chairs. She began to wonder how often theater owners cleaned and sanitized their chairs. After much investigating and reviews of blogs by former theater workers, she found that the seats are only cleaned when they are initially installed. She found that time restraints and cost to clean individual seats by contracted housekeeping companies place the process out of most theater schedules and budgets. Therefore, Americans may be exposed to many contaminates such as greasy hair, germs, bacteria, E Coli, lice and even bed bugs in these public environments.

In response to her research, Kate created a sanitary headrest protector that can be disposed of at the end of a show, or flight, etc. It was extremely important to her that the product not only be sanitary but also be recyclable and made in the USA. It works for any individual from infants to adults, and she would be happy to provide a sample.

For more information regarding the product known as ChairBibz, visit her site at www.ChairBibz.com or call her at 1-800-617-5321.