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Safety.com goes live on 11.11.11 as the Social Media Location for everything “Safe”

After a successful “Beta” Launch on January 1st of this year (1.11.11) the clever minds behind Safety.com are releasing the new location online for everything related to Safety.

Safety.com is everything you would imagine when you hear the name. Created by Industry Safety Experts and the Domain Name Gurus, Safety.com is a Non-commercial Social media website provided to the public as a location for unbiased information on ever safety topic imaginable.

Safety.com Membership is completely free – much like Facebook and other Social Media Giants, Safety Members may also start their own Safety Topic Forum or Publish Safety Articles here at Safety.com. This is a great opportunity for Safety Professionals to discuss the hot Safety Topics of the day, and interested Safety Citizens may ask questions about safety compliance, safety at home, or safety issues for their work or family.

Whether you are a Parent concerned about Home Safety or Internet Safety for your Child, an Individual concerned about Safety Insurance or Identity Theft, a Certified Safety Professional looking to Network, or just curious about ANSI Regulations and ISEA Standards, MSHA regs, HAZCOM, OSHA Safety, or other Safety Issues… check out this new Social Media experience online at http://www.Safety.com


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