/EINPresswire.com/ The rich history of Ohio State had better get ready for the future quarterbacks and cheerleaders that can be found in the Baby Fans collection of Ohio State baby outfits and more. With more than 30 rompers, sleepers, blankets, and other great products, these future Buckeyes will be ready to join the team in no time.

Ohio State fans will have no problem finding amazing Ohio State baby outfits and accessories now that Baby Fans has over 30 Buckeyes products for the newest fans in the family. Baby Fans has been working hard to product the highest quality fan outfits for newborns that are ready to show mom and dad they are the next generations of Ohio State enthusiasts.

Passing down the love of an alma mater is something that can be cherished for both a rich educational tradition, but also a tradition that can be shared on Saturday afternoons. Now parents can start enjoying this tradition, and laying down a foundation of this shared passion for decades, even before the newest member of the family is walking and talking.

“Are you a huge Ohio State football fan?” Baby Fan’s co-founder Todd Wilson asks. “If this is so, you will love our complete collection of Ohio State baby clothes.”

Ohio State fans will find a complete line of officially licensed Buckeyes outfits and accessories including body suits, rompers, infant gowns, infant jerseys, cheerleader dresses, toddler sweat suits, and much more. From complete outfits to Ohio State baby security blankets, there is always the perfect gift for the littlest fans in the family.

What makes Baby Fans clothing and accessories stand out is the company’s dedication to providing the very best officially licensed products and service to everyone. Over a decade ago, two huge sports fans found out they were soon to become uncles. These future uncles, Josh Fraser and Todd Wilson, were excited. Josh and Todd started looking to purchase fan outfits for the newest members of their families, but they were disappointed in what was available. After years of hard work in March of 2005 babyfans.com was launched. Not only does the site cater to fans of collegiate teams, it has expanded to include over 50 MLB, NFL, and NASCAR teams.

“Even friends and family that are not fans of the seven time NCAA Division I Ohio State football team have other great teams to choose from at Baby Fans,” Wilson said. “Each chosen product is neatly folded, packed in team colored tissue paper, and shipped as soon as possible after the order is placed.”

Baby Fans customers can visit the warehouse in Smyrna Georgia or make any purchase online at babyfans.com. The staff at Baby Fans works hard to ship every order possible on the day the item is purchased if ordered before 1 P.M. Eastern. All orders are packaged with team color tissue paper, if available, and are presented as gifts at no extra charge.

About Baby Fans: Babyfans.com launched in 2005 and caters to collegiate, NFL, MLB, and NASCAR fans who want include the newest members of their family in their passions.

Todd Wilson

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