/EINPresswire.com/ Pessimistic news reports detailing the efforts of the euro zone to remain solvent and cohesive represent golden opportunities for savvy Forex currency exchange investors.

InvestTechFx report that The past few months have seen a continuous barrage of news reports that predict a gloomy future for the economies of the countries comprising the European Economic Zone.

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece and most recently Italy, have seen their borrowing costs spike to unprecedented highs as world lenders have taken a very bearish outlook on the countries’ stagnant economic growth, lower than expected GDPs and debt to output ratios that have become increasingly negative despite any EU efforts to stop the bleeding.

Beginning in May of this year, the Euro has steadily lost value against other major currencies, most notably the dollar and the yen.

The year started off with the euro showing consistent gains beginning near the end of 2010, but Forex currency exchange traders, their confidence in the euro shaken by ceaseless bad economic news from the EU, have spent the second half of the year pushing the euro down.

Compared to the dollar, for example, the euro has fallen from where it was worth almost $1.50 in May to where it can now be found at close to $1.36, a nearly 10% loss in value.

According to InvestTechFx experts, Traders who bought the euro early in the year are doing alright, other than seeing hard-won profits rapidly evaporating as one EU domino after another topples under unsustainable debt levels.

A far worse situation presents itself to online Forex traders who were late in recognizing the uptrend in euro values during the early part of the year and did not buy the euro until it was well beyond its current level of around $1.36. FX trading for these investors who bought the euro has been a series of recurring nightmares since late August.

The lesson to be taken from all this is simple. What has happened before to euro prices and is happening now and will happen in the future is a repeat of past events.

Savvy investors had and have the advantage of having a reasonable expectation that the euro zone was poised for a fall if they utilized the services of a Forex ECN (Electronic Clearing Network) brokerage that offers a complete suite of fundamental and technical analysis tools, historical data that clearly shows the peaks and values of currency prices and grants traders rapid, low-cost access to Forex currency exchanges.

The same savvy investors realize that blindly trusting their assets to an expensive FX trading management firm is fighting a losing battle needlessly and can only result in less than spectacular results or even losses. Instead, they use of a Forex ECN broker to take control of their portfolios and profit from the current climate by selling the euro and reaping the rewards.

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