/EINPresswire.com/ Sustainable Surface, LLC has become the first Bona certified hardwood flooring company in Minnesota, providing every client hardwood floor refinishing without the dust and harmful fumes.

Sustainable Surface, LLC, a Minneapolis, MN hardwood floor refinishing company, is proud to announce that they have become the first Bona Certified Craftsman in the state of Minnesota. By becoming Bona certified, Sustainable Surface has proven their commitment to excellence in eliminating airborne dust on job sites and ability to apply high grade, low toxicity finishes on residential and commercial hardwood floors.

“In line with the economic environment, we want to offer our clients more value added services for less,” said Jonny Fiddelke, CEO of Sustainable Surface. “By becoming Bona Certified, it really shows how much we care about providing a cleaner environment combined with durable finishes when hardwood floors are sanded and refinished,” he concluded.

The typical method of hardwood floor sanding fills a room with dust and the toxic smell of oil-based polyurethane. This is even more prevalent in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro due to limited restrictions on what types of finishes that can be used in occupied spaces. Sustainable Surface’s new Bona Craftsman certification not only boasts the fact that their processes are better in handling these tough environments, but also meets the strictest indoor air regulations in the country.

About Bona
Bona is a Swedish based manufacturer at the forefront of the hardwood floor sanding equipment and finish industry. Typically known in the trade as being a premium finish supplier, Bona is strengthening their ties with the consumer by certifying select contractors across the country. Bona is also scheduled to be rolling out a national advertising campaign directed towards consumers about the Certified Craftsman program later this year.

About Sustainable Surface, LLC
Sustainable Surface, LLC is a Twin Cities based hardwood flooring company specializing in hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor installation, and repair of hardwood floors. Their work has been featured on the DIY network as well as showcased in the Mall of America. Sustainable Surface offers their services to a wide range of clients, including both commercial and residential work of any size. For more information, please call 612-460-5483 or visit www.sustainablesurface.com.

Media Contact:
Jonny Fiddelke
Sustainable Surface

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