/EINPresswire.com/ High quality products and superior customer service is the only goal for the electronic cigarette brand known as WetFlame. After a year of testing and design, WetFlame is proud to announce the official launch of their electronic cigarette website.

The electronic cigarette has been sweeping the nation faster than a pack of cheetahs on Redbull. This new technology has been a savior against the rising costs of tobacco cigarettes as well as the substantially increasing smoking bans, which are preventing Americans from smoking in many different places, including the comfort of their own homes in some areas. By now most people have seen electronic cigarettes explode in the United States on the news, capturing dozens of celebrity movie stars and political figures that have already made the switch to e-cigarettes, finding them to be a great smoking alternative.

WetFlame, the fastest growing electronic cigarette supplier in the United States, officially opened their eCommerce website to all US residents on November 1, 2011. With the firm goals of design and quality in mind, WetFlame Electronic Cigarettes are already demonstrating such a high level of uniqueness and superiority that many existing e-cig smokers are already referring to them as “The Best E-Cigarette Brand of the Year.”

WetFlame E-cigs spent over a year perfecting their design and spared no expense when it came to the development of their electronic cigarette, ensuring they entered the industry with only the highest quality product possible. “We didn’t get into this industry to be the biggest brand or make the most money; our goal is quite simple really, to offer the best quality electronic cigarette possible,” said co-founder Matthew Sturm, “Hopefully, one day we will be known for just that.”

With their combination of high quality products, dedication to customer service, catchy slogans like, “Lose the lighter, use a WetFlame!” and a rapidly growing fan base, there is no doubt WetFlame will be one of the top electronic cigarette providers in the country within no time.

About WetFlame:
Founded in 2010, WetFlame aims to provide consumers with high quality electronic cigarette products with a superior level of customer service. Learn more at http://www.wetflameecigs.com or contact them directly at [email protected]

Media Contact:
Matthew Sturm
WetFlame, LLC

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