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Bank of America (BOA) appears to be enmeshed in yet another consumer firestorm. BOA, desperate to replace fees from its failed debit card charge program, has been quietly transferring tens of millions of dollars to California and Texas. This Special Report, analyzing state records, shows that BOA made thousands of alleged transfers to the states. Just the states of California and Texas alone have a total that appears to exceed forty million dollars. The Special Report is available at http://find-me-money.com/bank-of-america and lists tens of thousands of individual transfer facts.

BOA recently made news when it tried to keep its profits afloat on the backs of its customers by hitting them with a $5 debit card fee. Under public and congressional pressure, BOA allegedly removed these fees, but has been quietly adding back new fees on customer accounts.

In one industry observer’s view, BOA has said “You pay me one way or you pay me another way.” For example, BOA now charges as much as $20 to replace a lost debit card. And in some cases they will try to collect fees on unemployment benefits.

What makes this Special Report stand out is the schizophrenic nature that BOA shows by charging their customers as much as legally possible, as often as possible, for every reason possible, while at the same time transferring over forty million dollars to other states.

For more information, review the full report and details at http://find-me-money.com/bank-of-america .

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