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Home Invasion News follows trends, patterns, and occurrences of “home invasion,” as reported by law-enforcement agencies and media outlets nationwide. We’ve noticed that several kinds of crimes are routinely included under the “home invasion” banner.

Some of these crimes are “classic home invasions” in that they share a list of common characteristics. Others, while no less serious or frightening for the victims involved, are fundamentally different and thus should not, in our minds, be considered in the same category as a “classic home invasion.” Because the words “home invasion” are so powerful and frightening, it’s our intention to use the term narrowly. With that goal in mind, we define “classic home invasion” crimes as those that include the following:

• Multiple perpetrators.

• Forced entry into the home.

• Occupants present at the time of the invasion (a situation possibly intended to facilitate finding hidden cash, credit card numbers, prescription drugs, etc.).

• Use of weapons and physical intimidation.

• Property theft.

• Victims, primarily unknown to the perpetrators, who have been selected for a particular reason (vulnerability, wealth, prescription drug possession).

At Home Invasion News, we approach this topic in pursuit of information – both about these unsettling crimes and the strategies that improve our security. We hope Home Invasion News gets people thinking, inspires conversation and — most of all — encourages us to reach out to our neighbors with consideration and compassion.

About Home Invasion News: HIN presents content based on research, curation, evaluation, and commentary by Nancy Rathbun Scott. Nancy is a longtime brand journalist, writer, conceptualizer, researcher, and heavy blogger. For seven years she contributed bi-weekly articles to USA Today. Home Invasion News is Nancy’s effort to investigate — and bring impartial analysis to — a topic of concern to both the public and media, alike.

Media Information: Contact Nancy at [email protected]

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