/EINPresswire.com/ It’s almost Amberjack season, and Larry Weicht has an exciting new technique he is unveiling for this fishing season.

The Amberjack fishing season recently opened in Florida and deep-sea fishing enthusiast Larry Eugene Weicht II has some tips to share with people hoping to catch one of these feisty fish this winter. “People in Florida may not be accustomed to fishing for Amberjack, and they may head for the groupers instead. With grouper populations so low this year, it may be difficult to actually land a grouper on a trip,” Larry Eugene Weicht II says. “I thought I’d share my experience with Amberjack fishing, in the hopes of getting more people interested in this fish.”

The Amberjack is often associated solely with Florida, but it is commonly available in Florida. “They just like to swim really deep, and they don’t like to grab at bait they don’t think they can easily eat,” Larry Eugene Weicht II says. “So you have to be a little careful in the bait you use, and you have to drop it really low in the water.”

When he goes Amberjack fishing, Larry Eugene Weicht II uses moonfish as bait. “These little guys are sometimes hard to find, but my tackle shop tries to keep them in supply for me,” Larry Eugene Weicht II says. “I string them right onto my hook with great success. The plastic lures just don’t work as well as this sort of fresh bait.”

Larry Eugene Weicht II uses the strongest line he can find and he drops it low into the water. “Since I’m doing deep sea fishing, I can’t wait for my sinker to hit the bottom, but I do commonly string out 40 feet of line when I’m out Amberjack fishing.” Then he waits patiently for the fish to take the bait.

“When they hit, you sure know it,” Larry Eugene Weicht II says. “These fish can just pack a punch and they fight really hard against the rod. I make sure to apply constant pressure, and I just let them wear themselves out with fighting. I also fish with a buddy, who can use the net to scoop in when the fish are close to the boat.”

About Larry Eugene Weicht:

When Larry Eugene Weicht II was growing up in Florida, he often watched fishing competitions. In these contests, fishermen would hire boats to take them to deep parts of the ocean and they would hunt for exotic and large fish within a certain time frame. Then, they would bring back their catches and string them up to be weighed. Larry Eugene Weicht II was fascinated with these large and strange fish, and he vowed to catch some of his own when he was an adult.

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