/EINPresswire.com/ “Z-Theory and Its Applications” by Allan Zade (ISBN-13:978-1452018935) provides new point of view on wide number of well known phenomena from easy processes to fundamental principles of
physics. Key aspect of new theory is Z-Process that was not ever
researched or described theoretically from scientific point of

That hidden universal process causes a lot of recognizable
consequences including appearance-disappearance of moving vehicles
following by time shift effect observing as difference in readings of
the time keeping devices of the moving vehicles and the identical
devices located motionlessly. Same process is responsible for unusual
object appearances outside of its natural location in space and time.

Unlike any earlier attempts to create explanation for such unusual
phenomena Z-Theory gives necessary equations and calculations as well
as detailed explanations for any describing phenomena. Most of them
are mentioned in the second part of the book that has name
Applications. It is clear compilation of wide area of facts and ideas
mentioned at different times and its relation to underlying Z-Theory.
Those items are varying from appearance of prehistoric creatures at
present time to beginning of life on this planet.

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About the Author

Allan Zade was graduated with honors on 1997. During the years of
education special government grant was given to him twice because of
his exceptional skill in area of education and research. Mr. Zade took
position of Chief Researcher Assistant for last six years working with
a subdivision of the Russian Academy of Science. Today he works with a
private company.

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