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WHEN:December 14, 2011 10:30 AM EST
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Virtual-Mastermind.com is sponsoring a FREE webinar for small business owners and entrepreneurs to discover Mastermind Groups, a century-old practice used by legendary names in business to rise to the top. Karl Walinskas, CEO of Smart Company Growth and Virtual-Mastermind.com, presents this interactive webinar for leaders of small businesses desiring rapid growth. He is a 22 year business executive and has been featured in Inc.com, America Online, SitePro News, Vistage Executive Street and many more print publications and blogs.

“Companies engaged in Mastermind Groups have long outperformed their business counterparts in the same demographic. Vistage International publishes that businesses involved with peer-to-peer Leadership programs like Mastermind Groups have grown at a full 15% faster than other companies of similar demographic, even during the tough economic climate we’re in,” says Walinskas. “During the past few years with most firms contracting, these companies have been growing.”

Webinar attendees will learn:
* What is a Mastermind Group?
* What does a Mastermind Group do for me as a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur?
* 5 Key Ingredients in Forming Exceptional Mastermind Groups
* Developing Focus
* Defining Expectations
* Primary Member Tools
* Measuring Success: 5 Elements of Greatness
* What are Virtual Mastermind Groups?

Research shows that small businesses represent 99.7% of all firms, creating more than half of the private non-farm GDP and nearly 80 percent of new jobs. This webinar teaches business owners how to participate in and even lead their own Mastermind Groups. “Helping these companies grow or remain strong is what is going to turn the American ship around in 2012,” says Walinskas. “Business owners can leverage collective wisdom, energy, support and accountability of their Mastermind Advisory Board to grow their businesses faster than they ever believed.”

Click for Mastermind Registration or call 1-410-91GROW4. Seating is limited. You can follow Karl Walinskas on Twitter at @vmastermind and @karlwalinskas.

About Virtual-Mastermind.com:
Virtual-Mastermind.com is a service of Smart Company Growth, a small business growth firm that helps companies expand their online presence using LinkedIn, Video Marketing, and Mastermind Strategy.

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Karl Walinskas
Smart Company Growth

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