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Custom Entertainment Solutions (CES), an industry leader in robotics design and creation, has announced a bold new campaign to introduce the world to the concept of purchasing customized androids for personal or business purposes. Androids have long been used in the world of manufacturing and entertainment, but until recently they have been limited in their abilities. With today’s technology it’s now possible to get an android custom designed to look and perform to your exact specifications.

Who would benefit from such an android? An independent museum is just one example of a prime candidate. CES built a custom Abraham Lincoln android that perfectly illustrates how these machines could enhance a museum’s overall appeal and bring new visitors in. If you’d like to see the Abraham Lincoln android you can watch the video at http://youtu.be/v2X_7vdQOZs.

Other candidates would include businesses looking to greet their visitors in a unique way, educational institutes looking for a human-machine interface device, or just the eccentric individual who’s always wanted his own android. The possibilities are truly endless when you consider that CES can build the best androids that are both functional and cool-looking at the same time.

In an official written announcement the company was quick to point out the very competitive nature of modern robotics, especially among researchers. According to their statement,”most important to individuals and teams right now is having their own tailored solution. In research institutes worldwide, even though they are all pushing towards similar goals of human/robotic interaction, it is VERY competitive. They all want a unique, better custom android than anybody else.”

CES androids can be as simple as one or two-task machines with utilitarian aesthetics, or incredibly complex humanoids with realistic facial expressions. If you can conceive an android, CES is confident they can build it for you – down to the very last detail.

About Custom Entertainment Solutions

Custom Entertainment Solutions is a Utah-based company specializing in the design and creation of robotics. They build prosthetics, animatronic robots, humanoids, and a variety of customized androids for the entertainment industry. Their state-of-the-art facility is staffed by a creative and expert team with all the knowledge and resources to build the industry’s best robots. For more information about CES please contact them using the information below.

Press Contact: Josh Gray

Telephone: (801) 410-4869

Fax: (801) 606-2862

Web: http://www.AnimatronicRobotics.com

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