Denture Repair Lab, a leading denture repair service, describes why fiber mesh is a better choice when there is a need to repair dentures or repair a tooth. Denture Repair Lab offers free overnight return shipping for the fastest service.

/ North Providence, RI — When it’s time to repair dentures or repair a tooth, life can often be put on hold until the repair has been completed. Denture Repair Lab knows the inconvenience caused by not having reliable dentures, and is now showing their customers why fiber mesh is stronger, more reliable, and aesthetically more pleasing. Dentures can be repaired using either metal or fiber mesh, but the mesh is lighter, stronger, and completely invisible. It also causes no risk of allergy, which can be important to those sensitive to metals.

Fiber mesh can be used in more than just denture repair. Denture Repair Lab can utilize the lightweight strength of fiber mesh for dental appliances as well. Three times stronger than the typical metal denture reinforcement, fiber mesh gives patients the confidence that their dentures will stand the test of time. The material adds no additional weight or bulk to the structure of the denture, so patients have an overall higher quality outcome.

“It’s great to have the fiber mesh option to offer to patients who suffer from metal allergies or are very concerned with the aesthetic appearance of their denture. The process is actually quite efficient, meaning that we’re able to get dentures repaired and returned to the customer in record time,” said Anna Freeman of Denture Repair Lab (

Denture Repair Lab completes repairs of full dentures, partials, flexible partials, and chipped or broken teeth on a same-day turnaround schedule. Shipping both ways is free, and Denture Repair Lab covers overnight charges so that they can get started right away. The lab also does denture duplication.

“Our customer service is second to none. We’ve never had negative feedback, and much of our business comes from word of mouth, straight from our own satisfied customers. We do our best to get your teeth repaired and back to you as quickly as possible,” concluded Freeman.

About Denture Repair Lab
Established in 1998, Denture Repair Lab aims to provide same-day, affordable, and professional denture repair services directly to consumers. The company specializes in crown and bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, implant, and full-cast restorations. After serving thousands of customers in both the United States and Canada, Denture Repair Lab has never received negative feedback, proving their commitment to providing high quality, lost cost services.

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