Firm with 14 offices worldwide helps foreign businesses explore possibilities of growing trend in European markets.

/ New York, NY – Eurobridge, Inc. is now helping American companies focus on joining the growing trend of pop-up stores in the European business market. The company, which provides business development consulting and strategic planning to foreign-based businesses, also assists clients with operational and strategic support in opening pop-up stores in Europe.

“This is an exciting opportunity for businesses to test the waters and see if there is any interest in their product or brand,” said Daniel Biene, president and CEO of Eurobridge, Inc. “These stores pop up in unexpected locations, gain some attention and close very quickly. If the short-term project is successful, they may re-open in a different location with more space for a longer term.”

The concept of pop-up stores is to open in a small storefront in a trendy metropolitan venue, such as Berlin or Paris, and launch a new product or reintroduce an existing one. This allows businesses to meet brand exposure goals, arouse customer curiosity and check the pulse of consumer attitudes and interest. Due to their small size, limited inventory and short life span, pop-up stores do not take as much time and effort to establish as a full-scale venue.

“As more of our clients look into opening these types of stores, Eurobridge can provide them with a number of services, including identification of consumer trends, discovery of low-cost real estate opportunities in potential locations and implementation of localized media marketing,” said Biene. “We also take over contract negotiations and oversee staffing requirements as needed.”

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About Eurobridge, Inc.: Eurobridge, Inc. ( helps foreign companies consider the possibilities of expanding their business endeavors into European markets. It has offices in 14 cities worldwide, with a focus in Europe. Eurobridge offers business development consulting and business strategic planning to its clients, identifying consumer trends through market research and helps them to explore possibilities of developing brands and promoting products while doing business in Europe.

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