State-of-the-art Issaquah, Washington facility offers hot yoga classes and Far Infrared sauna therapy.

/ Issaquah, WA – Hot Yoga Experience, a new hot yoga workout and Far Infrared therapy center, has opened its doors. The family-owned studio features Infrared heat sauna therapy and hot Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga in Issaquah, Washington.

“We wanted to create a place for people to come and reduce stress, have fun and challenge themselves,” said Danielle Miller, studio manager and an instructor at Hot Yoga Experience. “We feature two types of yoga exercise and state-of-the-art Far Infrared sauna therapy, so there are different ways for people to experience healthier living.”

Hot Yoga Experience offers 65-minute Hot Hatha Yoga classes, which are geared more toward the beginner and those who want to heal their bodies after an injury. The 60-minute Hot Power/Vinyasa yoga classes are more focused toward strengthening muscles, gaining flexibility and improving cardiovascular endurance.

The facility features heating and air conditioning with a fresh air filtration system to provide consistent heat flow. There is virtually no electromagnetic field (EMF) in the sauna units for Infrared heat therapy. The Issaquah Commons facility is open daily, and sessions are now available. This type of therapy is typically used for detoxification, healing soft tissue injuries, reducing skin imperfections, improving cardiovascular health and reducing the effects of hangovers.

About Hot Yoga Experience: Hot Yoga Experience ( is a family-owned hot yoga center in Issaquah, Washington that offers Far Infrared therapy and hot yoga workouts at affordable rates with discounted packages. It is a place to strengthen and tone muscles, heal injuries, improve coordination and relieve stress. Hot Yoga Experience supports the local community and local businesses in the Issaquah and Sammamish area. It will be donating 100 Percent of its retail profits to the Issaquah Schools Foundation.

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Hot Yoga Experience
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