Co-Clean Helps Flush Out the Body and Accumulated Toxins, Creating a Fresh Start

/ Overeating feels great at the time, but terrible afterwards. Like a hangover, the next morning is filled with nausea and regret. Eating too much taxes the body – not only with weight gain, but with the unusual amount of exertion required to digest and excrete the excessive amount of food. This creates a sluggish feeling, which is really an indication of the body’s compromised functioning. The Co-Clean detoxifier is designed to address precisely that: inefficient or slowed-up bodily functioning. It targets the toxins that are affecting the body’s performance – perhaps toxins originally contained in food – and eliminates them, creating a body that operates more healthfully and effectively.

Co-Clean, Lab88’s colon cleanser, enhances bodily functioning in a number of ways. It promotes energy and vitality – in direct opposition to the lethargy experienced from overeating – improves bowel function, heightens concentration, clears skin and sinuses and increases weight loss.

As the toxins are initially purged, users may feel slightly unwell. This is completely normal, and will pass within just a couple of days. After that, a significant improvement in overall well being will become apparent.

To purchase Co-Clean or learn more about its ingredients, usage and effectiveness, visit . A one-month supply of Co-Clean (one bottle) is $49.99. Two bottles plus one bottle FREE is $99.99.

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