Just in time for the holidays, Aggie fans have a chance to purchase silver that is designed and minted for the Texas Aggie.

/EINPresswire.com/ Austin, TX—Just in time for the holidays, Aggie fans have a chance to purchase silver that is designed and minted for the Texas Aggie.

Team Coin is proud to introduce the first collegiate bullion products available today. It is hard to deny the increasing value in silver, which brought this idea of creating a product with intrinsic value minted for students, alumni and fans.

These unique limited edition silver coins come from a reputable mint, which has been in business for years. The products are licensed and proceeds of the production cost benefit the school. Jason Otteson states, “We have chosen two schools to start this endeavor; Texas A&M, and the Texas Longhorns. Being a Texas company, we thought launching these two schools would be a great start for this new venture.”

“We believe our product is the ULTIMATE gift, as it has the potential to keep on giving as it increases in intrinsic value,” stated Otteson. Team Coin will launch new schools as the years and demand progress.

Jason Otteson, who was featured on Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush during the second season, is the founder of Noble Bullion, LLC and also the principal behind the Team Coin endeavor. He was formerly the leader of one of the largest online precious metals companies. He now leads Noble Bullion towards a global bullion endeavor concentrating and expanding to Bullion VIP, Mining, and Prospecting. Jason has experience in various aspects of the precious metals industry. He was invited to be an investor on the show due to his years of experience in the industry.

Gold and Silver have always been a prized possession of man. Countries have been built, destroyed, expanded, and lost for the search of the most precious metals in human history. Since the days of the Egyptians, gold and silver have been a store of wealth. This practice is still in existence today. The paper that supports the economies of the world is based on nothing of substance when compared to the relevance of precious metals, bullion, and other commodities.

Show your school spirit and visit TeamCoin.com. In addition, visit NobleBullion.com and get your free investor kit and enter into a chance to win an Alaskan Gold Nugget valued at $500.00.

About Team Coin:
Team Coin is a product of the S4G Group, LLC partnered with Noble Bullion, LLC. Based in Austin, Texas
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