Patricia Merker aims to give parents a new teaching tool to help their children with fear, self-esteem issues, and the ‘less than loving’ people in their lives with the first three books in The Grand Master/Little Master interactive Series for children, just released this month from Pick-a-Woo Woo Publishers.

/ SAFETY HARBOR, FL – In her books, The Grand Master/Little Master Series, Patricia Merker, in conjunction with Pick-Woo Woo Publishers, has developed an interactive New Thought, children’s book series for ages 5-10, which also has the dual benefit of promoting conscious parenting when played on an interactive level. Each book in the series focuses on a different childhood issue, and includes downloadable PARENTAL/GUARDIAN SUPPORT MATERIAL, along with three weekly lessons from Grand Master to the subject child, to help them connect to their Source of Power within, regardless of any religious affiliation.

Patricia Merker wrote The Grand Master/Little Master Series because she believes in the value that religion can play in building a solid foundation for morals and values, but as a frequent volunteer in the public school system when her children were young, felt that religion had taken a backseat. “Our children are out of control” claims Patricia. “They are cruel to each other, and disrespectful to their teachers. It became clear to me that some new parenting/teaching tools are needed during their formative years, and they must be

The Grand Master/Little Master Series of children’s books is non-religious, yet deeply spiritual, giving both children and parents a new lens through which to view their world. Common childhood dilemmas and how to move through them are addressed, always keeping fundamental Universal Laws such as ’cause and effect’ as the foundation. “Knowledge of these basic laws, and weaving them into our everyday life”, says Merker, “has the potential to change the outcome of any given situation. We can’t protect our children from the circumstances that they encounter, but we can make sure they are internally well armed.” For more information on the books in this series, or to read the foreword (written by Linda Lee Ratto, former co-director of The School of the New Spirituality founded by Neale Donald Walsch ) and to see a short video book trailer, visit:

Patricia is a wife and the mother of two great children, Haley and Jordan, who provided her with an endless source of material for this series. She was a volunteer in the public school system for many years as well as the children’s program director at the new age ‘Center for Conscience Living’ in Largo, FL.

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