/EINPresswire.com/ Los Angeles, CA- Award winning filmmaker and ‘branding’ expert Sergio Myers has begun filming a feature documentary on the women behind frockOn.com; an online fashion lifestyle magazine that brings fashion news, designer interviews, trends, and style ideas to viewers daily from around the globe. The frockOn site is in its 4th year of publication with writers based in the US, Canada, UK, and Sweden.
Myers has also decided to take on frockOn as a business venture, he will be a co-owner and creative director for the site. During Myers career as a filmmaker he has worked simultaneously in ‘branding’ and marketing. “Not only is this a great story of a group of girls who have found their voice in the fashion industry by using frockOn and social media as their tool to be heard, but it’s also a great business opportunity” says Director Sergio Myers. The site is planning to launch its’ online store Dec 1, 2011 featuring product lines from independent designers. Sergio Myers added “What’s interesting is how fashion sites like frockOn have used social media to effect the shopping trends of consumers all over the world which in turn effects the fashion industry as a whole. This is the power social media is having on consumer spending”.

Melanie Pagani Clarke Editor in Chief of frockon.com adds, “My partner and Jacqueline Massacci and I have spent the last 4 years building frockOn.com, now we have a talented group of female fashion writers from all over the world and a new online store. We are thrilled Sergio Myers took an interest in us; he is not only an artistic visionary, but also a brilliant businessman. His intuition, marketing knowledge, and most importantly, his belief in what we have been building with frockOn. Finally, frockon.com is making its long time needed mark on the independent fashion world.”

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Melanie Pagani Clarke | Editor in Chief | frockon.com
Jacqueline Massacci is co-owner, Angela Samartano Managing Content Editor. Brandon Villano Social Media Management. Writers include Maisie May & Alice Harvey of London, Kendra Hagerman & Jessica Linnay of Vancouver, K8 Magoc from Pittsburgh, JoAnne Tombo of Ohio, Laura Ukaj from Sweden, Jess Telmanik from Chicago, Ronilyn Osborne from North Carolina.