/EINPresswire.com/ To continue delivering outstanding customer service to their clients, mounting and installation experts have joined the team of employees at Stands and Mounts to assist shoppers with mounting related questions about their newly purchased TV wall mount, monitor stands and more.

Home theater experts Stands and Mounts has continued to live up to their reputation as the go-to resource for home theater equipment by increasing their already stellar customer service efforts. By providing their customers with the ability to speak with mounting and installation experts, customers are given a more customized shopping experience while getting the best possible advice to make the most out of their TV wall mount installation.

Caroline Moretto, Stands and Mounts CEO, explains, “We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers such customized service. We understand that attempting to install your own TV wall mount or monitor stands without any previous experience in the area can be a headache; we want to do all we can to help. Our installation and mounting experts are there for one reason only: to benefit the customer.”

In addition to outstanding customer service practices, Stands and Mounts is also a leading retailer of TV wall mount options, monitor stands, monitor mounts and various types of home theater furniture and d├ęcor. With thousands of products for sale on their website, all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they have earned the loyalty and dedication of thousands of satisfied customers.

“Our products speak for themselves; they are a reflection upon us as a company as well as our customer service practices. We guarantee every product that leaves our warehouse and offer our customers support via email and telephone for optimal assistance with their order,” said Moretto.

The collection of TV wall mount options, monitor stands, mounts and other home theater products available at Stands and Mounts is always available at the best possible prices. They offer competitive pricing and always beat their competitors’ prices, not only in cost but in service as well. Currently, the products available at Stands and Mounts are part of a holiday promotion special.

To browse the collection of TV wall mount options, monitor stands, mounts and other home theater products, please visit StandsAndMounts.com for more information.

About Stands and Mounts:
Stands and Mounts is a leading online vendor of TV stands, TV wall mount packages, wall mounts, cabinets, shelving, home theater accessories and much more. They are the daughter company of Caro-Line Holding Company, Inc. Stands and Mounts stands behind every product that leaves their store and always guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

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