It can be difficult for some seniors to fix a tooth when they are medically fragile or unable to get out of a nursing home. Denture Repair Lab serves 12 New England nursing homes, available to repair a tooth or fix dentures for residents.

/ Providence, RI — It seems somewhat obvious that the largest sector of customers using a denture repair service like Denture Repair Lab would be seniors. What would not be so obvious, however, are the lengths that Denture Repair Lab goes to in order to ensure that seniors who are sick, injured, or otherwise handicapped can still have the opportunity to fix a tooth or fix dentures. Having a properly fitting, clean and repaired set of teeth can be a big quality-of-life component for a senior, and Denture Repair Lab understands that. Hence, the company is now servicing 12 different New England nursing home facilities, making an already accessible service even more so.

Seniors often have specific needs and challenges to overcome. Some cannot leave the nursing facility, hospital, or house where they are staying. Others are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or other debilitating diseases. In an effort to help this community out, Denture Repair Lab makes it even easier to use their service for these individuals. For repair, they provide the same one-day turnaround that has already proven to be a great customer service success. Creating a duplicate denture typically takes three business days, which is quite efficient in comparison to others in the industry. To repair a tooth would still be a same-day service.

“We need to take care of our senior communities, as we’re all going to be the same age one day. We do all we can to provide customized, special service to those who are having trouble getting to the post office to mail us their denture. The clients are always so appreciative of our efforts, which makes it that much more worthwhile,” said Anna Freeman of Denture Repair Lab (

Denture Repair Lab ordinarily has patients ship their denture to them with free shipping. They then repair or reinforce the denture and send it back out the same day with overnight mail. This quick turnaround time has won them client praises and accolades.

“We encourage our patients to let us know if there is any aspect of our service that we can improve upon. Sometimes customer feedback can provide you with the smartest ideas for next time,” concluded Freeman.

About Denture Repair Lab
Established in 1998, Denture Repair Lab aims to provide same-day, affordable, and professional denture repair services directly to consumers. The company specializes in crown and bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, implant, and full-cast restorations. After serving thousands of customers in both the United States and Canada, Denture Repair Lab has never received negative feedback, proving their commitment to providing high quality, lost cost services.

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