Two separate lawsuits allege that the negligent hiring and supervision of accused child molester Keith Woodhouse by San Jose-based Child Development, Inc. and Trace CDC resulted in the sexual molestation of as many as ten young girls under the age of 14.

/ Jose, CA – Two separate lawsuits have been filed by the San Jose personal injury law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard against Child Development, Inc. and Trace CDC for their failure to conduct an adequate background check on and otherwise properly supervise accused child molester Keith Woodhouse. Woodhouse is currently facing child molestation charges that carry a life in prison sentence.

The lawsuits were filed on behalf of 7 and 8 year old girls, respectively. In a lawsuit (Santa Clara County Superior Court, case # 1-11-CV-214040) filed this week, the 7 year old states she was sexually molested by Woodhouse on numerous occasions while he was employed as a daycare worker by Trace CDC. In the lawsuit filed November 4, 2011 (Santa Clara County Superior Court, case #111CV212614), the 8 year old girl states that there were multiple incidents of sexual molestation. The lawsuits allege that Woodhouse molested and sexually assaulted at least 5-10 young female students under the age of 14.

“Both Child Development, Inc. and Trace CDC utterly failed to ensure the safety and security of small children” said attorney Robert Allard, partner in the law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard. “In today’s climate, these organizations should have known the potentially dire consequences of not properly checking the background of a person who is entrusted with the welfare of young kids”, added Allard.

The lawsuit claims that Woodhouse in or about 2007 sexually assaulted a minor female at a church swimming pool and that he was immediately terminated from his position after he was seen exiting a pool with a full erection while holding a child. Despite the sexual assault, the lawsuit states that Trace CDC hired Woodhouse three years later as an after school child care worker. The complaint further states that neither Child Development, Inc. nor Trace CDC investigated Woodhouse’s background, including a reference check with the church from which he was fired. Despite this history, Woodhouse was was given unfettered access to young children and often times would be seen spending considerable time with them on his lap.

Child Development, Inc. administers over 160 child development centers in California and serves over 15, 000 children. The organization claims to work with 36 school districts throughout the state to provide before and after school programs. “We can start protecting young children against sexual predators by requiring our public agencies to mandate full background checks for employees or volunteers of organizations as a condition to rent or lease their facilities”, said Allard, who in fact is taking steps with local legislators to implement such a law in California.

According to police reports, Woodhouse’s work and volunteer experience dates back to 1999 in the San Jose and Los Angeles areas, and his experience consists of various positions in camp counseling, children’s ministry internships, Sunday school counseling, day care and after school activities.

Attorney Robert Allard is asking those with information on Keith Woodhouse, the locations that he has worked or volunteered at, or Child Development, Inc. itself, to contact him.

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