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Some motorists are confused between standard and non-standard car insurance since these policies vary from one car insurance provider to another. In a recent article released by Insure4USA.com, one of USA’s leading online insurance service, the company highlights the differences between standard and non-standard auto insurance along with tips on choosing the right type of policy. David, spokesman of Insure4USA.com says, “Drivers have a choice of applying for either type of car insurance. It is important for them to know the difference. Primarily, the ability of the driver is the first thing that insurance companies consider on receipt of an application for standard or non-standard car insurance.”

The article by Insure4USA.com offers drivers seeking insurance a comprehensive guideline on the pros and cons of standard and non-standard car insurance. Standard policies offer complete coverage but are based on state laws. These policies are more expensive and also vary on the benefits offered when compared with a basic car insurance policy. When asked about which drivers qualify best for a standard policy David said, “Drivers with an excellent driving record with no traffic violations or little or no accident history ought to consider standard car insurance coverage. Experienced drivers usually fall in this category. Besides, it is easy to shop for affordable insurance online. The key is to compare quotes among the top providers in your area and determine the extent of coverage you really need.”

In the article, Insure4USA.com addresses issues related to non-standard car insurance coverage, which is designed for those with a poor driving record. Alex highlighted the different types of drivers who fall in this category. David says, ”Teenage drivers who are considered high risk by insurance companies, and those with several traffic violations including reckless driving or DUI charges have non-standard car insurance coverage to fall back on. The main purpose is to ensure that everyone gets a chance to obtain insurance. Parents of teenagers ought to bring them under their own policies.”

DUI is a serious offence and drivers facing such charges can only expect to lose their driving privileges and have an adverse entry in their driving history for up to ten years or more, without any opportunity to opt for standard insurance. Insurance companies usually review a driver’s history every two or three years in order to determine the level of risk and the premium chargeable. In addition, there are several ways to lower insurance premium, with plenty of tips available on the Insure4USA.com website.

To know more about standard and non-standard auto insurance coverage offered by Insure4USA.com, visit: http://www.insure4usa.com/difference-between-standard-and-non-standard-car-insurance.html

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