/EINPresswire.com/ No need for utensils, roll up the sleeves and explore the delights of this award winning seafood restaurant

What does Hot N Juicy Crawfish have in common with all of the other restaurants that Las Vegas has to offer? Nothing. With its unique twist on exceptionally fresh seafood and a touch of unexpected electrifying customer service, Hot N Juicy Crawfish was recently honored with an award from Las Vegas Weekly Magazine for “One of the Best Places to Eat With Your Hands in 2011”. If there is a restaurant worth seeking out in Sin City, Hot N Juicy Crawfish is the needle to this haystack.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish is for the culinary open minded, expect nothing but the unexpected. Those willing to roll up their sleeves and work for their grub will not be disappointed. No silverware here. Plastic table cloths, a bib, and a roll of paper towels are the only supplies one will need upon entering into this tantalizing aroma and vibrant atmosphere.

Adam Richman, from Travel Channel’s, Man Vs. Food, had no problem deciding what he would indulge in while filming one of the Las Vegas locations. The menu is simple, but offers a variety of seafood options to choose from. The most popular items which include the highest quality and freshest of all seafood: Louisiana live crawfish, shrimp, an assortment of different types of crabs, and live lobsters. After choosing what items to entertain one’s taste buds with, diners get to customize the spiciness and flavor. The Hot N Juicy Special features the house’s signature seasoning, a must-try. Keep in mind, all seasonings offer a heat level similar to a three-alarm fire, even the mild has a kick to it. If seafood is not to one’s heart’s content, Hot N Juicy Crawfish also offers a variety of side items like chicken wings, sweet potato fries, and chicken strips. While off the beaten path, Hot N Juicy Crawfish tends to be a celebrity hangout. One may never know who they might be cracking crab next to.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish is a specialty seafood restaurant that offers its diners a counter culture experience. Established in Las Vegas since 2007, founded by Tim and Laina from Texas, Hot N Juicy Crawfish have become a world famous seafood restaurant that is sought out from people all over the continent. With three new locations (2nd one in Las Vegas, Washington, DC, Orlando, FL) and still growing, Hot N Juicy Crawfish is here to please, and will continue to infuse those hungry taste buds around the country. The result is pure deliciousness with a side of perfection. It’s no wonder Hot N Juicy Crawfish was voted for “One of the Best Places to Eat”.

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