/EINPresswire.com/ Irexis Male Enhancement Supplement Increases Sexual Confidence

Lab 88’s powerful male enhancement supplement increases sexual gratification in men and their partners, resulting in lower stress levels and positive moods in couples. This fulfillment contributes to an overall higher quality of life both for men and women.

Arizona State University said, “In a study of 58 middle-aged women, physical affection or sexual behavior with a partner significantly predicted lower negative mood and stress, and higher positive mood the following day. Simply put, researchers found that sex and physical intimacy led women to feel less stressed and be in a better mood the next day. These results weren’t found when women had orgasms without a partner.”

Irexis also gives men confidence and energy by improving physical health. This supplement features L-arginine which aids in maintaining a healthier body. This eliminates stress by preventing diseases, illnesses and heart problems.

The Mayo Clinic Foundation for Medical Education and Research stated, “Early evidence suggests that arginine may help treat medical conditions that improve with vasodilation, such as chest pain, clogged arteries (called atherosclerosis), coronary artery disease, ercetile dysfunction, heart failure, intermittent claudication/peripheral vascular disease, and blood vessel swelling that causes headaches (vascular headaches). Arginine also triggers the body to make protein and has been studied for wound healing, bodybuilding, enhancement of sperm production (spermatogenesis), and prevention of wasting in people with critical illnesses.”

Irexis is a potent combination of Yohimbe Extract, Muira, Puama, Oyster Meat Extract, Maca and a proprietary blend. The proprietary blend consists of eleuthero root, American ginseng and Korean ginseng. This blend promotes blood flow and sperm and testosterone production.

This anti impotence supplement is an effective alternative to Viagra that will enhance sex lives without having to endure embarrassing doctor appointments. One bottle, which is priced at $59.99, will last an entire month. For more information visit the company’s website at http://www.lab88.com/sexual-dysfunction/irexis.asp or call customer service at 1-888-566-5642.

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