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Distributing search engine optimisation (SEO) press releases to a broad range of newswires will have a positive impact on the rankings of keywords in any SEO campaign, says SEO agency, Punch Communications.

Google ranks websites based on a number of factors but one of the most important is the number of links pointing back to a particular page from a hyperlinked keyword. This serves to increase the relevance of the keyword to its landing page in the eyes of the ‘spiders’ Google sends out to trawl the internet and return appropriate results. The more links, the more relevant it is and therefore, in general, the higher it is ranked.

However, if the links are all directed from a select few websites, the impact is lowered and in extreme cases, can be considered as spam, therefore having the adverse effect. Subsequently, SEO and technology PR agencies should distribute to as many different newswires as budget allows.

Ben Leuty, account manager at Punch Communications, commented: “SEO and to an extent in light of the evolving social search landscape, social media agencies, need to understand how Google searches the web to return appropriate results to the user. There are of course many factors but largely, if there is a high volume of links pointed back to a website, it will rank well in search results. Further to this though, the links should come from as many sources as possible to demonstrate that the relevance of the keyword is wide-spread, rather than contained to a few sites.

An additional advantage of this is the longevity it provides to the campaign. In short, when a spider searches the web, relevant links will be found consistently rather than all clumped together and as a result; keywords tend to hold their positions for longer. It may also have an effect on the speed that a keyword begins to rank at the beginning of a SEO campaign.”

Distributing to different newswires may in the first instance take slightly longer, but the additional research and time it takes to sign-up to newswire and then distribute a press release will be a worthwhile exercise when the chosen keywords begin, and continue, to rank well.

Punch Communications is a SEO, social media and PR agency with a global reach and client base to match. For more information please visit www.punchcomms.com

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