/EINPresswire.com/ Gamingator.com summarizes the top five steps of a successful affiliate marketing campaign. The holidays in the end of this year are a chance for many website owners to raise their profits using video game affiliate marketing. The online game shop offers dynamic banners, secure remuneration and some extremely useful tips on positioning.

The New Years Eve holidays are traditionally an intense period of the year for the game industry. The numerous discounts and promotions offer an opportunity for the enthusiastic gamers to get desired titles at lucrative prices.

This period of the year is favorable for the website owners to raise their income through usage of affiliate programs that advertise games being sold to their audience.

In order to execute a successful advertising campaign with a high ratio of clicks turning into sales it is necessary to be attentive in choosing the affiliate program.
Based on experience, Gamingator.com summarizes the top 5 factors needed for research prior to realizing a profitable affiliate campaign through video game ads:

1. Attractive advertising banners – most advertising banners are too simple, presenting a tiny bit of information for the suggested games, however, forcing upon users the name of the game shop. Thus, these banners do not prompt clicks and sales since they do not feature attractive offers. Gamingator.com presents through its affiliate program to its affiliates dynamic HTML banners that show the top-selling games or the discounted games with their new price and old price.

2. Suitable landing page – after the banner attracts the attention of the user and the user clicks on it, the next most important step is the communicated information on the landing page – it has to be well presented and action- oriented. Choosing an affiliate program that will raise your profit requires scrutinizing the landing pages of the various banners. The landing pages of the Gamingator.com advertisements are internal pages from the website that display thoroughly the game that the user saw and clicked on. This landing page has an intuitive design and facilitates significantly the process of buying the game. Therefore, the website provides maximum turnover of sales resulting from generated clicks.

3. Size of commission remuneration – the commissions to affiliates in the game industry vary from 5% to 8%. This percentage is of high importance, since often the games that are sold are priced between $30 and $50, and depending on the redirected clients one can lose thousands of dollars because of the low percentage of remuneration. Gamingator.com offers its affiliates a 10% commission for every realized sale, which is around 55% of the net profit for most of the games.

4. Advertising banners positioning – the location of the advertising banner is highly important. According to different researches, the users spend the longest period of time examining the top part of the website. Thus, the ads situated in the header next to the logo, at the top side of the right or left sidebar, or the mid top side of the website, are most profitable. Practically, though, the websites with large content volume on a single page are suitable for positioning ads in the middle or bottom sidebar or in the footer. It is amazing how effective are the results generated by the ads located in these seemingly ineffective locations.

5. Security for receiving the commission – many websites record cookies of the users that were transferred from their affiliates with a validity of up to 15 days. Sometimes this period of time might last up to 30 days; however, there is no guarantee that all users redirected through a website will buy a game during this time. This is the reason why Gamingator.com records cookies lasting 60 days. This period guarantees optimally the receipt of the commission for sales realized though the website.

One of the most important factors for successful affiliate marketing is the proper research of advertisers. Always examine the 5 most important components for advantageous affiliate marketing so that excellent results are guaranteed.

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