The Parker, CO eye and facial plastic surgeon says “Generation X’ers” now outnumber people in the “Baby Boomer” age group who are seeking skin rejuvenation and treatments for wrinkles, eyelid rejuvenation and facial fillers.

/ Parker, CO – The demand for cosmetic procedures no longer fits the stereotype as being just for older people in need of a facelift. According to a study published by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, or ASAPS, as more interest is being placed on preventative and restorative facial treatments such as fillers, eyelid rejuvenation and skin resurfacing, doctors are seeing many more patients in the 31 to 45 age category. In fact, the study says that this younger age group, often referred to as “Generation X’ers” accounted for 43% of cosmetic procedures in 2010, compared to “Baby Boomers” aged 51 to 64 who accounted for 28%., representing a major demographic shift.

“The majority of patients coming in for injectables and cosmetic surgery are definitely more in the 31 to 45 year old range rather than the 52 to 64 year old range,” says Dr. Michael McCracken. “My practice reflects the figures recently released by ASAPS which shows that during 2010, the growth in demand for cosmetic procedures is being fueled by a younger age group than ever before.”

According to the study, Americans have embraced the ideas of “preventive” cosmetic medicine including minimally invasive procedures and treatments to maintain one’s appearance over time, rather than waiting to have a larger plastic surgery procedure done years later.

“I strive to educate and inform my patients on all the options which are now available to take advantage of what I call “aesthetic maintenance”, says Dr. McCracken. One patient, “Jodi” illustrates the trend. By age 40 the mother of two teenagers had developed under-eye bags which she says made her look tired, no matter how energetic she felt. “I could have hugged Dr. McCracken when he told me that I could get the look I wanted without surgery,” she says. During an office visit that took less time than the typical office lunch hour, Dr. McCracken used Restylane, a popular dermal filler to eliminate Jodi’s under-eye bags.

Jodi says the best part was when her husband told her she looked about 35 after the procedure. In the three years since having her first Restylane injections, Jodi has had several touch-ups and has had Dr. McCracken use the filler to restore volume in her cheeks, which had diminished as part of the normal aging process. “Restylane is also effective for deep wrinkles, such as ‘smile lines’ or nasolabial folds,” says Dr. McCracken. While older patients may require other surgical procedures, for younger patients “It’s a great option for delaying the downtime and cost of surgery. By maintaining ourselves as we go along, there is no reason why we can’t age gracefully, but slowly,” he says.

For information on eyelid rejuvenation, facial volume restoration, injectables and more, visit or call the McCracken Eye and Face Institute at 720.851.6600. Dr. McCracken maintains offices in Parker and Boulder, CO.

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