/EINPresswire.com/ Los Angeles Cover Band, Without Warning Snags Sponsorships from two L.A. Firms, Sew What? Inc. and Rent What? Inc., allowing them to turn up the heat in their on-stage performances.

If you think that Without Warning couldn’t rock any harder – get this – your favorite local Los Angeles cover band just landed a sweet sponsorship gig from two of L.A.’s hottest supporters of the music industry – Rent What? Inc., and its sister company Sew What? Inc., both based in Rancho Dominguez, CA. The two sponsors specialize in providing the manufacturing and rental of theatrical draperies and custom backdrops for rock shows, tours, and music venues across the U.S.

Without Warning’s sponsorship is not only flattering to the cover band, but is also benefiting the growing number of fans in Los Angeles’ music scene. It will beef up the production prowess of this local cover band and enable it to have the look, feel, and sound of a touring rock show.

“We want our fans, venue partners, and sponsors alike to all know that we are passionate about what we do. We believe in setting the bar high. With a sponsorship from Rent What? Inc. and Sew What? Inc, we will get to turn it up to 11 and rock our fans that much harder,” says lead singer, Megan Dawn. “We want to rock our fans, make it a memorable show, and pay tribute to the master musicians of our time by giving fans the variety of music they crave – and playing it well. Rent What? has such an awesome collection of rental drapes and soft goods to use for all these shows that we can’t wait until we land some of the larger gigs. And when the big shows come, Sew What?’s ability to manufacture custom backdrops and stage drapes ensures our image grows along with our show. I honestly couldn’t think of a better scenario for us to seamlessly grow into something huge. We are truly flattered at this opportunity to give our fans a legit show they won’t forget!”

Both Rent What?, and Sew What? are friends of the musician – no matter how big or how small the show. They’ve been serving rock stars such as Billy Idol, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Pearl Jam with custom backdrops and drapes for their spectacular tours since 1992. Even with some of the biggest stars today on their roster, both Rent What? and Sew What? still have the philosophy of truly caring about the music and musician, no matter what stage of an artist’s or a band’s career.

Check out upcoming gigs, bios, events, and YouTube videos for Without Warning at www.withoutwarningrocks.com.

For more information on drapery rentals and soft goods for your next rock show or tour production, check out visit Rent What? Inc. at www.rentwhatinc.com or call 310-639-7000.

Have a face melting idea for your next gig? Check out Sew What? Inc.’s website at www.sewwhatinc.com or call 1-310-639-6000 for more information.

About Rent What? Inc.
Committed to providing an ultimate experience in both drapery rental products and customer service, Rent What? Inc. is proud to be woman owned and operated. The firm, located in Rancho Dominguez, CA, has set the stage for artists including Beyonce, R Kelly, Nickelback, Janet Jackson and Alice In Chains. In addition to its large inventory of Inherently Flame Retardant stage drapes, traveler tracks and portable dressing rooms, the company is widely regarded for its basic pricing schedules, innovative damage waiver policy and fast and friendly service. For information, contact Rent What? Inc. at (310) 639-7000 or visit www.rentwhatinc.com.

About Sew What? Inc.
Sew What? Inc., located in Rancho Dominguez, CA, is well-known for its dramatic theatrical drapes and fabrics used in major rock concerts, top fashion shows and other artistic staged venues. Visit their online drapery portfolio for a sample of custom stage draperies, theatrical curtains and fabric treatments they have produced. The company has received numerous awards for innovation, including the Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award as well as PC Magazine’s SMB 20 Award for technological innovation for small and medium-sized businesses, and was featured on the 1000th cover of Rolling Stone. For information, contact Sew What, Inc. at (310) 639-6000, or [email protected]

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