/EINPresswire.com/ Do a Colon Cleanse in December and Get Back Into Skinny Jeans by January with Co-Clean Cleanse and Flush Tablets!

Get back into those designer skinny jeans with Lab88’s system detoxifier, Co-Clean Cleanse and Flush tablets. Research has shown that this health supplement’s unique proprietary formula increases energy levels and enhances overall vitality and it has been specifically designed to detox the digestive system and improve general well-being.

Co-Cleanse is a powerful colon cleaner that contains bulk oat and beetroot fibers, calcium, phosphorous, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cascara sagrada bark, Chitosan, grapefruit extract and Senna. Co-Clean’s Skinny Jeans Diet Cleanse program contains a powerful detoxifier which flushes out dangerous toxins, increasing vitality and energy levels. Co-Clean’s proprietary blend of cleansing roots and extracts will detox the digestive system, with positive effects being felt in a few days.

Co-Clean contains Apple Cider Vinegar which has been proven to enable weight loss by promoting satiety. The formula also contains Chitosan, which is derived from shellfish and which acts as a fat binder, interacting with lipids and preventing them from being absorbed by the digestive system.

The dried and aged bark of the Cascara sagrada tree has long used by Native Americans as a laxative and it is a widely accepted and effective chronic constipation treatment in the USA. Research into the bark has shown that it contains anthraquinones which interact with the bacteria of the intestines and help paeristalsis and the restoration of digestive tract muscle tone.

Recommended dosage is two tablets and each bottle contains fifty-six tablets, enough for one month. This product is ideal for those following a high protein, low carbohydrate diet and it provides 1. 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving.

To get the full benefits of Co-Clean Cleanse and Flush, it is recommended to take two tablets with 10 ounces of water before going to bed at night. Continue with this routine for a month, which will allow sufficient time for the colon to be cleansed of all toxins. Wait ten to fourteen days before beginning the second cleansing phase.

Side effects may include some nausea, fatigue and headaches initially – this is normal at the beginning of a cleanse and should pass in a few days, followed by an improved sense of wellbeing, vitality and energy, better bowel function and concentration and clearer skin and sinuses.

A one month supply of Co-Clean can be purchased for $49.99 but when purchasing two bottles for the special price of $99.98, another bottle is free, as well as a complimentary DVD.

Order Co-Clean Cleanse and Flush Tablets today and enjoy more energy and better health!

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