Patients Seeking Natural-looking Porcelain Fillings Trust the San Jose Dentists at Zeidler Dental for Quality Cosmetic Treatments

/ SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Traditionally, patients have associated dental fillings with noticeable metallic materials. It can be embarrassing for patients, and often times, they avoid them at all costs. Zeidler Dental is offering an alternative that allows patients to maintain the natural look and feel of their mouths. The San Jose dentists use porcelain and composite resins to match the color of the surrounding tooth enamel.

“It’s important to get the dental care you need early so that small cavities don’t evolve into more serious problems,” said Dr. Clayton Zeidler. “Patients shouldn’t postpone treatment simply because they don’t like how a filling looks. That’s why we offer natural-looking options.”

In general, cosmetic fillings are considered less sturdy than amalgam options and could require more frequent replacement. For that reason, patients have multiple options.

Options at the San Jose dentist office include composite fillings, which are a mixture of resins and fine particles that mimic the natural color of teeth. Ionomers also comprise various materials, such as ground glass and acrylic resins, and are used for fillings near the gum line. Porcelain fillings combine porcelain with glass powder and ceramic and are considered the most durable option of the three.

“We know that appearance is important to you, so contact Zeidler Dental today to hear more about our options for cosmetic fillings,” Dr. Zeidler said.

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