/EINPresswire.com/ Burn fat quickly and boost the metabolism to look and feel great this festive season with MetaboSpeed.

A new trend amongst celebrities is to use a popular diet supplement, MetaboSpeed, to diminish appetite and lose that excess weight. Designed to burn fat quickly and boost the metabolism, MetaboSpeed helps with slimming down faster and easier.

MetaboSpeed is made of a unique proprietary blend of natural ingredients containing Guarana, Bitter Orange and Garcinia, all of which have been shown by independent research to encourage fat burning, increase energy and vitality and control appetite. Unlike many other diet supplements, MetaboSpeed is ephedra free.

Research has demonstrated that Guarana affects satiety. It contains guaranine, which is similar to caffeine and which suppresses the appetite and increases the burning of fat. Also included in the formulary is Garcina, a small pumpkin like fruit that has been used as a traditional medicine in India for many years. The natural, active ingredients in Garcina work by suppressing appetite and inhibiting the action of the enzymes that turn carbohydrates into fat. Bitter Orange, also known as Seville or marmalade orange, is a natural remedy that has been proven to improve hunger and appetite control.

Taken as a 2 capsule daily dose, MetaboSpeed curbs habitual hunger and increases energy levels, boosting weight loss and providing better control of eating patterns. When combined with a healthy eating plan and a moderate increase in physical activity three to five days a week, MetaboSpeed can help shed the pounds quickly and easily.

Orders of MetaboSpeed ship within 2 business days and it is available for $49.99 for a single bottle.

With the recurrent billing plan, purchase a single bottle of MetaboSpeed for $39.99 every month and receive it on a monthly basis without having to remember to place the order.

Mimic the celebrities – lose those extra pounds and get into shape this festive season with the amazing MetaboSpeed from Lab88!

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