/EINPresswire.com/ “The time for simply talking about electric vehicles is over – we need real action on the ground to make the electric vehicle an easy choice…” Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Source: The Guardian, 2009

* On 26 May 2011 the Mayor launched Source London, the UK’s first citywide electric vehicle charging point network and membership scheme. Source London will make it easier for electric vehicle owners to plug in whilst on the move, creating 1,300 publicly accessible points across the city by 2013. This means there will be more charging points than petrol stations in London – giving Londoners the confidence that they can charge their vehicle easily and more conveniently with charge points on residential streets, in supermarkets, public car parks and at shopping and leisure centres.

The rise of the Electric Vehicle market and its potential global adoption is creating a significant impact on the electrical infrastructure, Grid operators and the future energy landscape.

Each stakeholder in the development of the Electric Vehicle market are having to redefine their business model, as well as justify their business case. What will the future business model look like, what are the energy demand requirements for supporting the transport of the future?

Join the debate and contribute to development of one of the most exciting transitions in history as key specialists from the UK and European Utilities, Automotive and Infrastructures industry come together to collaborate on the challenges in realising the benefits of the E-Mobility market.

*sourced from http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/transport/green-transport/electric-vehicles

Why should you attend this event?
Electric Vehicles
13rd and 14tg February 2012
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, United Kingdom

With global sales for Electric Vehicles predicted to increase by over 100% in the next 3 years, the market is growing and developing globally. Influenced by smart grid technology and intelligent thinking, the integration of renewable energy and necessary changing infrastructure the rise of the Electric Vehicle is gathering pace. SMi’s inaugural Electric Vehicles presents the opportunity to address perspectives from the industry, government, utilities, automotive, consumer, battery manufacturers and infrastructure providers, and enable attendees a full and in-depth overview of the current value chain.

Hear keynote presentations from global experts at the forefront on electric vehicle: including:
•Nigel Fox, Contracts and Settlements Manager, National Grid
•Dean Keeling, Managing Director Smart Homes, British Gas
•Linda Christensen, Senior Researcher Department of Transport, Technical University of Denmark
•Gerry Wardell, Director, Codema
•Ann Marker, Chief Communications Officer, ChoosEV
•John Batterbee, Transport Manager, Energy Technology Institute
•Anders Bavnhøj Hansen, Chief Consultant Strategic Planning, Energinet.dk
•Ingo Bunzeck, Coordinator Transport Research, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
•Senan McGrath, Chief Technology Officer, ESB
•Sara Bell, Head of Commercial Strategy, Future Networks, UK Power Networks
•Ian Allen, Manager Environmental Strategy & Ampera, Vauxhall Motors Limited
•Danny Geldtmeijer, Innovator, Enexis
•Jorgen Christensen, Head of Department, Danish Energy Association
•David Densley, Head of Sustainable Transport, SSE
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